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MAjaMantras says:

your videos are amazing you should make a movie

Wesley Snipes says:

30 & 60 seconds trading strategy, interesting…

George L. Jimenez says:

Interesting concept. However I have been losing more than 5 steps
consecutively which once you had put $500, it is very hard to come back
unless you have unlimited funding and you can keep placing several $500
trades one after the other at very quick interval! I would like to know
what are the absolute “requirements” to be successful with it: 1. Time of
trading? I lost at the 8am EST when markets opened in USA. It went in a
falling downtrend that I could never get a upper trend expiry in 60 sec.

Hamid Shanbe says:

Is there a new link to the signal website? This one doesn’t work anymore.

60 Second Binary Options says:

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