8- Las Vegas End Credits (Rain Man) .wmv

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soundtrack from Rain Man.

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Walter White says:

You dont need drugs when you listen to this music!!! 

Gerard Bonner says:

Love that opening !

meesterrain says:

It blows my mind how this is not Sisters of Mercy.

Vylkeer says:

Awesome. Terrific movie :)

Einhander49 says:

Such a wonderful reflective track at 5:00

LUKNZO BzH says:

On compte les cartes :-)

charliedog31171 says:

sisters of mercy,sing this corrosion if not they stole this music

Manuel Tecnocasa says:

Da paura

Unlimited2100 says:


charliedog31171 says:

did they cover there song cos this is shat

staybeautifulSB says:

So hype before you go out this tune full blast

steve foster says:

very good song i also like ‘drive to the bank and wallbrook’, which i wish
was longer!!

charliedog31171 says:

god nows who the idiot singing is

Daniel Torres says:

8- Las Vegas End Credits (Rain Man) .wmv

randomidk000 says:

how much money did you lose

Drew Essington says:

nothing like a little coffee (aka- this song) to start the morning!

MONOPOLY35 says:


MONOPOLY35 says:

Keep the volume low for a while and blast the sound at 2:05. It sounds like
angels coming down from Heaven.

lazerbeak2125 says:

Thats it……….i’m going to the casinos.

7vegashighroller says:

Reminds me of my first trip to Vegas with my grandpa RIP when I was 5
before my family and I moved there in 1998.

stuart bates says:

was in las vegas last year… i had this track in my head. thought i was
tom cruise

caroleona1 says:

i had to stop the movie on DVD to come over and look up that song… what a
cool and soul uplifting song!… it sort of reminds me the style of
“Dangerous Zone” (Top Gun)

Diego Ospina says:

Remmenber the CBS Daytona 500 starting grids, EPIC!!!!

TheLillylillian says:

when ever i’m on the phone… i act like they’re talking to tom cruise!!!

Osvaldo Lezcano says:

@MONOPOLY35 you little brat, you got some imagination XD

andrew141272 says:

“yes sir i love this town”

timtaylor2001 says:

Rainman? YA? Lets play some cards….YA.

AbhiB says:

When I go to Las Vegas and go into a casino, I amke I have this soundtrack
playing in my headphones accompanying my crisp suit and I

KoesKoes99 says:

that 2nd song is so awesome!

William Cameron says:

Well, watch those angels falling in Supernatural with this part of the song
= Goosebump ! = Supernatural 8×23 Sacrifice -“They’re Angels they’re

1poiuztrewq2 says:

This song is sooo Las Vegas!

FootballFanatics66 says:

Great film great song love it check out my channel :-)

lambrettaladUK says:

no its not, it just sounds similar

MONOPOLY35 says:

@hildergarn One time a person uploaded the casino scene of Rainman, but it
was louder and it started at the elevator part. The video was removed, but
the experience is rather interesting. Did you try what I put down about
2:05? Was it disturbingly successful?

Mickstevo says:

Its an adaptation of “This Corrosion” by Sisters of Mercy

xNAJAFx says:

Makes sence, albums called floodland

uffepwn says:

Great movie! The music fits perfect for the Casino and “pre-casino” casting.

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