8 Quick & Simple April Fools’ Pranks

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Take your pranking on April Fools’ to the next level. Let’s get sneaky & clever and really mess with our friends and family this April 1st. Join our mailing list for giveaways! http://householdh…

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Megan Ryan says:


James Waterson says:

Great! Time to find some friends…

Technician says:

It would suck if you tried to masturbate with that lotion

GreekGadgetGuru says:

Haha I like the soap prank, you could be so creative with that. Especially
if they use a bar of body soap. 

HouseholdHacker says:
Don Williams says:

No sorry, I don’t know anyone who likes washing their hands.

Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" says:

Happy April Fools’ you evil genius

brandon khan says:

here is an idea, for the food can prank why u didnt just switch the labels

KBDProductionsTV says:

Awesome, I’ll use a few of these, thanks! :O lol

nhavasis says:

Call your friend when they are home and say that your house is getting
robbed and need to see them immediately. You then proceed to rob their
house instead.

Matthew Santoro says:


Hybrid Librarian says:

Excellent pranks!

AtrumNoxProductions says:

I did the rubber band thing to my friends iPhone6. It is now bent.

M CP says:

Here’s a good trick: send embarrassing texts from a victim’s iPhone by
using Siri.

Martin Olivar says:

Or remove your friends car brakes before he or she goes to work!!! 

Byrnvif Baldenvif says:

Can I put bacon in the soap?

Livnglegend says:

Tbh I think all of us are smart enough to figure out without even watching
the video. 

Arif Rommil says:

Yes, Ive got this all setup. Now for the second part, *get friends*

Alltime10s says:

Awesome as always HH

Panda LoverLady says:

Omg this was posted 6 mins ago lol

A to Rhombus says:

vanilla pudding on a ham sandwich actually sounds pretty good

Adolf Hitler says:

I honestly thought he was gonna say then cum on the donuts

PatrickDFTBA says:

Up next…5 simple ways to kill your cat

curly0117 says:

April Fools is not a Holiday. There shouldn’t be a day where it’s fine to
be an asshole… 

MonsieurRabbit says:

I once sacrificed my sister to Satan for April fools.

FatalKrouzer says:

Here’s a funny prank you can do! Find someone allergic to peanuts and or
tree nuts, go to a bakery that serve treats at a “may contain” basis. Give
the treat to the person, play with chance. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Funny Joke!

ZZDaikun says:

I don’t think anything could top the coffee in the toilet.

GCyclone says:

I think most of these pranks are good, only because they’re mostly harmless
or won’t piss anyone off (to the point that they might want to kill you).
The only ones I’d be careful with is the ones involving food: (make sure
they’re not allergic to anything, like shellfish, which might kill them,
and not lactose intolerant, which may make them have violent diarrhea).

Scootaloo 009 says:

My favorite is to take a toilet paper tube, get it wet, and tear it into
pieces. Press the pieces together and it resembles a turd. Place wherever
you’d like.

MisterDeth0 says:

I’m actually confident that the pudding sandwich wouldnt be THAT bad.
Savory and sweet are great together. 

ThisIsAubreyLOL says:

Anyone have any other pranks?

MrGridStrom says:

I tried all of these and got a punch in the face for each one, Yeah! Happy
April fools!

Whitney Li says:


Neal Chris Sollano says:

Gonna try this!. Meanwhile, Youtube has also got a Simple April fool’s day
prank!. There’s a button in the tab bar saying ”Add Music” and will play
Darude-Sandstorm, and in the settings there’s a switch where you can turn
on/off ”Auto-Darude”. And lastly, when you search a video on youtube, it
recommends darude-sandstorm. Lawl.

CotoAnimations says:

Today’s my birthday.

Subscribe to my Channel as a gift.

(You really don’t have to)

RDeathmark says:

why is there bacon in the soap?!

VEE727 says:

Arrived a little late for me

Erik Borgersen says:

I laughed out LOUD with those, man.

Masterpiece !!!!

New_we_gen02 says:

Tomorrow is going to be my burthday

SamuelBarnes says:

I see you have a new camera record in 24 or 25p though

G56AG says:

I wouldn’t recommend messing with the canned food, opening a can then
gluing it shut will almost certainly cause the contents to spoil, if its a
few days before its opened the smell might drive them off, as well as the
gasses from it spoiling could blow the end off, but if not noticeable I
could end up poisoning someone. Harmless pranks can be fun, but that could
be dangerous.

Jonathan Lu says:

Click the “add music” button right next to the “watch later” button. :)

Invader Zim says:

thanks for these ideas i can finally go one april fools without being the
target i shall get back those filthy humans!!!

Syrah says:

why ruin the donuts? :<

OaksViewChannel says:

I didn’t know there was can opener machine Wow
Super lazy shit up there 

scottdbartender says:

With the canned fruit n clam chowder prank its way more easier to just
switch the labels, now you have two canned fools pranks. 

Jake Mernick says:

First comment XD… Big fan mate, it would make my day if you replied

Adam Perez says:

WARNING: None of these work in school

Sami Santana says:

Wish me luck, going to practice with some lotion….;)

Roger Colbourne says:

Wouldn’t it be easier to change the label on the can of fruit?

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