Alaskan Storm Deluxe Slot – Free Spins, Big Win in TimberWolf Deluxe clone

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A Big Win in the Free Spins of Aristocrat’s Alaskan Storm Deluxe, essentially a High-Def TimberWolf Deluxe clone. Free Games are triggered by 3 to 5 bonus sy…

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Wolf Foley says:

I didn’t know that envy has a palpable stench which after sucking at
getting wins on these types of slots is emanating from me right now every
time I see the multipliers come up and hand out decent wins on YouTube Slot
Videos. Casino attendants have been none too happy when I pass by one of
these types of slots as it happens then too. Interestingly, the smell
dissipates rapidly after I pass the machine, so I haven’t been called upon
by casino attendants to leave casinos… Yet. Ya, I’m sooo fucking sick of
having no luck on this slot or ones like it. Ya, I’ve tried lots with semi
wins with rows of stuff, but I’m not playing a WMS game… I want my
multipliers in the bonus!!! OK, weird comment filled with self absorption,
but hey, I’m an immature asshole who only wants to win all of the time on
slots, so add delusional as well.
Great Show Slotty,
Wolfy :) 

sauropod says:

137 X very nice return on your bet. I like this game and the potential for
a Mega Win.
Entertainment Value: 10/10 Game Value 10/10. Thanks for sharing

Slot Lover says:

Nice one, brothers! Congrats! I love the graphics on this one and Longhorn.
Hope we get them here soon. Always nice to win on free play. Keeps your
money in your pocket a little longer. :-) 

BeamMeUpSlotty says:

A Free Spins, Big Win in Aristocrat’s Alaskan Storm Deluxe, an HD
TimberWolf Deluxe clone.

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