Alfie Deyes & Jamie Oliver Bloopers – Ooops!

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You can’t make cookies without dropping a few crumbs. Well, it looks like Alfie & Jamie dropped more than a few clangers too when filming their cookie collab. Let’s hope Alfie’s mum in watching…

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Adela says:


Astrid Toftegaard says:


TheLeanMachines says:

these bloopers are awesome hahaha

charlie burnett says:

Was feeling down watched this and now probs the smiliest person ever x

Fred Flintstone says:

Alfie is so fucking thick

frogbeergolfgolf says:

Can someone please explain to me what “savory” means exactly? I understand
a lot of other terms but that one I don’t quiet get because it seems very

Tess Cooks 4u says:

Jamie and Alfie, enjoyed! Made me smile. :)

Christmas Crustacean says:

Alfie seems like he is poised to become Jamie’s apprentice… like he wants
to show him everything.
Jamie’s face when he said he had no knife skills.

Nicola Locke says:

I remember the first time I watched Jamie Oliver’s naked chef, was really
upset he was wearing clothes…

Tom de Vries says:

You guys should have incorporated the bloopers into the actual recipe

lovemakeup1229 says:

Jamie’s hilarious and he really put Alfie through his paces. Loved this

Shaun Monks says:

Jamie Oliver is not just the best chef in England but also in the world. (
And he seems like a really nice guy)

Practical Procrastination says:

0:12 “I burned the edge of my penis” OMG hahah

Blankspace says:

This is great. Love when Jamie collabs. :)

Miriam Veiga says:

0:46 That moment… hahaha love it

Susan says:

“jamie 1975″ makes me think he like the 1975 and that makes him more & more
perfect ehhhh

Liam Murphy says:

Alfie’s standing there naked in an apron. Zoe will love it

arina says:

Thank you for this video, +Jamie Oliver!

Santiago Lisboa says:

Great collaboration!! I admire you Jamie!!, Para todos los amantes de Jamie
Oliver y la cocina o personas que quieran aprender a cocinar, pueden
encontrar muy buenas recetas en mi canal de Youtube! :D

Kosta Konic says:

Hi! This is the channel i always wanted to make on my own. But this is so
awesome and a want to become a chief when I grow up because it’s so cool
job to do. 

trayel. says:


Triinu Jõgi says:

LOVE IT! btw, am i the only one who sees the resemblance between jamie and
haymitch? :D

Andita 14 says:

Imagine if Alfie gets confused and gives the cookies to his mum naked with
the apron and not to Zoe 

Jasmine Phelps says:

“No, I burnt the end of my pe-” This video is great hahahah

Gary Allen says:

Chocolate is the gift that keeps on giving!

Angel Olivo says:

Jamie seems like the most down to earth hilarious guy! Love him

Meher Gupta says:

Awh Jamie’s the nicest :”)

jhamecher says:

God damn it :( 

Rorie Godfrey says:

I can’t find the snapchat given in the video

Jessica Horan says:

this video is so funny im going to make these now aha 

Courtney Thomson says:

Ahhh this is fantastic!!!

Girloskians X says:


Kelly Oliver says:

Just love Jamie…funny bugger! 

aliciamorgan xoxo says:
nusa brdnik says:

ahahahha this is so funny

TheBosniangirl123 says:

Jamie is such a chilled guy .Loved this

LoLouuh ♥ says:

#Jalfie :D♥

Alexia R says:


holly16xx says:

I love you guy’s! Loved the collabs :D 

Ben Richards says:

2’really nice idiots lol

Homie #1 says:

This combo is great :’D

Kelsey Tennant says:

Jamie seems like the nicest guy

Arika Kabir says:

Thus was Hilarious

mystical hat Lady says:

I laughed way too much!

NastyaKireeva says:

Jamie is hilarious! 

Teresa Remler says:

Awwwwww alfie xx haha

Heather Aitken says:

This is amazing haha!

Esther Ooi says:


I am the weird Marita Mariel says:

I love this

tess may says:

Alfie Deyes & Jamie Oliver Bloopers – Ooops!:

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