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GTA 5 Funny Moments : AMAZING GTA 5 Stunts & Fails (GTA 5 Online Funny Moments) Hey guys, new GTA 5 Stunts & fails compilation :) ▻Previous video …

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Marco Sepulveda says:

very good greetings from chile :)

Лось Кортавый says:

Я один твой русский подписчик которому нравятся твои видео ? 

Kowadelko says:

You miss putting a song at 1:14 to the desctriptions ;c

RedKeyMon says:
Iron Man says:

I love the end when he is going to kick the opponents ass off the jet

Vinnie Lart says:

Great video, can you watch my video and give an honest opinion. Don’t
forget to like and subscribe

Phiow31 says:

Song at 1:12..?? :)

Jack Fida says:

censored! ahahha Thumbs up for you!! awesome video

jean marc Manuel says:

music 1:14 ? pls =)

Dinco Saurus says:

What is the name sont of 1:20

Matias olave says:

What is the name of the song un 0:07?


I like when you put win and fail together so we don’t know if you would
make it or not! Is like a suspense

DrackoPlayer says:

Niiiice video but what’s the music at 1:12 operation skydrive please ?

Tanner Griffith says:

Song at 1:00

Yellok says:

Like for an amazing and active redkeymon! <3

gürol ergün says:

gta 5 playing on pc wtf?

James Price says:

Whats the best bike for these kind of jumps?

Andrew Alfaro says:

Like if your a stuntman who never get caught by cops cause I am

MisterAllStar says:

You’re awesome dude <3

Zachary King says:

For the song at 0:20 it’s k-391 evrobody

djlewald says:

It’d be cool if you would do like road to a stunt live com series

Ionic009 says:

Dude +RedKeyMon How do you even know if the stunts you’re trying out is
even possible? I would have given up on the third try (which speaks about
my determination, lol).

Sean Thompson says:

That last clip gets me everytime.

KILLERxJON Mysterious says:

Need people to play with in gta 5 Xbox 360 any one want to 

Atlas BlueSource says:

faceplant ftw!

Justin Rogers says:

What was the song called when you were jumping off the hydra?

AWPekarn Gaming says:

do more police vs stuntman (when you survive, it would be awesome!)

Melane Juilo says:

Slt pourquoi tu n’envoie pas t’est stunt a mafiastuntting

david castro navejas says:

Dude put copirhigt on your videos because one guy dowland the videos and he
put on Facebook saied the videos its hers the neme of page is this “Gta v
cosas épicas y épicos fails” 

I ate your Cake says:

what is the best stunting bike ?

Baron TantiEX says:

C’est quoi la musique du début ?

QcTOXiC says:

Love your stuff bro, but you should do run, not just 1 trick at the time…
just saying :)

Adrien Nauleau says:

Ce que tu devrais tenter ce serait de te mettre sur l’hydra en bmx et faire
un parking entrée en “volant”

Justus Brouwer says:

I saw the last stunt with the hydra on facebook

Marcela Avendano says:

I’m from chile

Assa Singh says:

skydive trough a moving car

Note To Self says:

i don’t know if you know this but you’re quite popular on 9gag

Aka Davis says:

What is your main/best stunting bike

McPuff Nugget says:

Holy shit bro that was epic! Ahaha 

ParadisePoint says:

+Tobu Good Times is the best ever.

lukas sydel harder says:

Dude you make so amazingly good vids. keep up the insane work!

Bouquet Miche says:

Redkkeymon rejoin la comunaute française =(

HatchyThePirate Gaming says:

How did you get on top of that bridge in clip 2???

oh DmGe says:

You are creative as fuck <3 ! love it 

Clash And PS4 says:

Yo red u are sick at stunts an editing keep it up bro

ALEXNS7 says:

I am Spanish. RedKeyMon is the faking pro

Kim Jong Stunning says:

Was this recorded on the pc…..oh wait

Dennis Sørensen says:

You are making The best GTA 5 video’s on youtube! 

Epicninja says:

Hey, I’m making my stunt Montage tonight.

zombie killer25411 says:

Really nickel back the battlefield theme song 

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