AMAZING HUGE BIG WIN 60 FREE SPINS BONUS ~ Napoleon and Josephine Slot Machine

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60 SPINS!…couldn’t have come at a better time. Was way down on my BR when I hopped on the Napoleon and Josephine Slot Machine. Triggered 60 free spins via the +50 symbol!! Amazing multiple…

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Ken Purchase says:

Very Sweet Bonus ! Congrats and thanks for letting us enjoy !


that was a great bonus!

motorcitydeadman says:

Awesome. Do you have to pay taxes since the total amount of money is over
$1200? I’m not clear on that.

VegasLowRoller says:

Phenomenal set of hits in that bonus, sir! Great win and video!

Slot Machine Videos by DProxima says:

So very cool! Love watching these big ones! Congrats! Making it video of
the week on!

BrentWolgamott says:

WONDERFUL video! So nice to have so many big wins! Not a one-hit wonder.

CASINO WINS by Blueheart says:

Super cool bonus. Congrats. Reminded me my good old times in this game. :)
Well done. Thnk you for posting. 

The Shamus Of Slots Super Slot Fan Site says:

That was a lot of fun to watch! Some really nice hits in there! Linking
from Player’s Life!

DragonCasinoAdventures says:

This was a huge win, i will give you that, and it was great of how much you
got , but i think the wins weren’t fair. if you think about it. A 300 bet
and having all three of a kind of Napoleons and cannons (Wilds), shouldn’t
be 200 per line win… should of been a bit more… 250 already takes care
of these bets… and the five of a kind should be around 4000 or 4500 ,
because you are betting higher. It’s just my word of how i feel, overall
it’s was a brilliant win.


That was an awesome bonus! Great job recording!

ShinobiYT says:

Congrats on the excellent bonus and huge Top 5 Win!

PMT's Slot Hit's n' Stuff says:

Absolutely amazing. I can’t win anything on this game.

seviren s says:

Gaht daym! Lol really nice hit. Congrats.

Silvia Slots says:

Awesome win !!!! I really like you’re channel name cause that’s my birthday

Sideem says:

Way to go on getting the +50 symbol. Very nice win. Congrats and
thanks for sharing.

Lord Walker says:

Great win congratulations, I’ve played this a few times never won, still
don’t think I’ll play it again, glad you got some of my money.

The Boston Gambler says:

Nice collection of wins sir! I still love the G+ games too.

Marissa Quinn says:

AWESOME win!! So glad all of those spins paid off, congrats!! :)

CMCT - Slot Machine Wins! says:


Greg DeLuca says:

Always nice to get a $1000 pay day! lol

Jarison Johnson says:

Awesome winning. .. no

miss nisha says:


kbr420 - Slot Machine Videos says:
Amador Capistran Casas says:

you are betting 3 dollars and get paid $100 and it is a big win(33x)? 50
lines x 5= 250 bet why $3 my friend? because if you bet $3 will be 6 x 50
lines =300 and each line pays 40 credits so 40 x 6 =240 per line and its
say 200 per line. your win have to be $ $100. i am just analizing
this win :) have a nice day!.

Ken Purchase says:

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