Asking Strangers to Join Red Prank, FaZe Adapt Car Crash – Red Scarce (MW2 Sniper Gameplay)

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Scarce says:

Leave a like if you enjoyed! By the way the volume is a little high, sorry
about that. 

NIIGHT says:

why is everything so ridiculous and crazy to you

Tridac says:

I bet his car did more spins than he does in his trickshots 

Mali - PS3 says:

what is up guys scaaaaaaaarce here, and today we recruited Red Mali. And
that will finish off my commentary. Thanks for watching leave a like. 

Voyage Echo says:

Why do you always upload so late :( 

Avics says:

I swear to god on my parents life that I will never listen to these
comments again.

You’re welcome.

PsyQo Nivory says:

i bet his car did a 1080, he could learn a lot from it :D

Reyn 9mm says:

Scarce you she-man sounding fuck, i feel bad for you, all you do is go day
by day, sucking every FaZe members dick, wouldn’t even surprise me if you
held there balls while they took a shit every morning, i have nothing
against you but what gets me saddened for you is the fact that you upload a
video a day and every time its to get FaZe more exposure and for the
community to get involved with FaZe more, FaZe this, FaZe that, i don’t
give a fuck about FaZe, then you say why do you watch my videos then, i
watch your videos cause i like to stay updated with the community, i’m not
here to watch your videos to find out what every little thing happens to
FaZe. Im saying this straight up, your gunna get in FaZe, it’s obvious, il
give it about 3 months max till your in. If that does happen, good for you,
but what gets me pissed is the fact that you upload a video a day, people
see that and they think in there minds that your active, although that may
be true, theres a big difference between you and a player, players actually
have to work for there goals, all you have to do is sit back, plug your mic
in and talk, you barely have to make videos, all you do is put the
commentary over someone elses fucking gameplay, yet you have a fuck ton of
subs, skill over personality any fucking day, thats how this tricckshotting
thing started, thats how it should end. I bet you don’t even make your own
thumbnails, if you do, your the man of the fucking century, il provide you
with a trophy on a later date, rant over nerds…

Ruinz says:

adapt crashed on purpose so he could make a video

JjamboneFilms says:


Rebel Paradise says:

I swear on my familys life I will subscribe

Your family’s life is in your hands ;)

Evil Mulah says:

4:20 left the camera guy hanging lmao 

oh Prime says:

The funny thing was that it wasnt even a big crash, Scarce…

Ruinz says:

1k likes on this comment and jam can join Red?

EreN Bullyyh says:

OMG this guys is hilarious !! 

Red Shaawn says:

I love prank videos but I could not sit through that video holy fuck it was
awkward lmao

Policy says:

If I got in a car accident, I’ll make sure my dick works so I can jack off
to Scarce’s Intro

Avion Doggiee says:

4:23 Cameraguy gets skipped so hard xD

Aqua Remedy says:

Adapt tried to WALLBANG the brick wall. Handle less on call of duty. 

Coder says:

Thats why you dont buy your a kid a new car

TeMp Piggy says:

I like you scarce but I thought that prank was terrible. Not funny. It was
invasion of peoples own space.

Liam or C32's says:

Let’s hope his sister was in the car and the crash shrunk her forehead.

Sparkz says:

That camera guy got rejected high five

Puqs says:

huge standards 360 yy

Scale SteeZe says:

Anyone notice the camera man get completely rejected at 4:20

Purge x SKILL3R - Proud Leader of Purge Uprising says:

Giveaway on my channel for 100 Subs help me out and win some prizes =)

Day Twact says:

aawh lil nigga left him hangin on camera

Thief Surge says:

Probably the dumbest shit I’ve heard, “Everyone get’s into a car crash at
least once in their life” No.. Just no

Cody's Game World says:

4:20 left him hanging :,(

byWubz says:

4:20 camera guy gets his high five rejected

Same Life says:

“I want to eat it” it look like a dick ma nigga

Hot says:

Jam is my nigger

AdBradYT says:

That “prank” was terrible, not funny in the slightest 

Zoomy OG says:

People think that that accident is bad I got in a accident and we slid on
black Ice and went down a hill and flipped I had a cut down my throat and
still have a scar my sister got her eyelid cut and is luck she isn’t blind
and my mom couldn’t walk for 3 days cause of her back.

Silver Dyzrt says:

where you even there?

Cal Durk | Durkly says:

Can i eat it? Lmao

bader aboauf seralex says:

How is it going drama alert nation its ur boy Killeeer keeemstaar Lets get
Roight into the news FaZe Adapt got in a car accident i bet he got more
spins than he does normally while trickshotting thats it for the news today
lets try to shoot for 10 likes drama alert is over 270thousand subscriber!
Ting ting tiiiing

Athen Tigers says:

I’m so glad Adapt is ok! When I heard of it I almost had a heart attack! I
love him!

Acura Pyroh says:

I’ve been in 3 car accidents in my life and I’m not even driving yet, only
2 years till I’m driving.

Jolt Azure | Jolt Variant @ 1.7k says:

how to nac ft. red marie

DecayAuthority says:

subscribe are team here ^
are cams #1 will be out soon!
hopefully we get number1 on Scarce Top5 underrated teams!
want to join or have any questions SKYPE zukoisgod10

ItsFredtastic says:

did his car hit the 2160

Jack Jarka says:

Adapt tried to 1440 wallbang his neighbors with his car but he got a

Knifetology says:

This was awesome Scarce! That IRL video was so creative! I just uploaded an
Explosive Trickshotting video to try be creative and entertain people :D

Tinky says:

jam is a legend


this made me remember Yoteslaya #R.I.P Yoteslaya

Jade Ariora says:

Can your uploads contain anything other than things that happen on a daily
basis in the cod community? Is that really all you’re there for? It gets
boring. . It seems like you’re running out of things to upload 

Suppress Furry says:

“His Brakes weren’t working” nah dude just can’t drive and ran into a
fucking brick wall! lmao, cant handle that family sedan power.

TheDerp Mastar says:

This video really shows how irrelevant trickshotting is in society, yet
people tell others to kill themselves over it…. just sad.

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