Auto Binary Signals Pro Strategies – How I Make $372 LIVE

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Raymond A. Luyk, Jr. says:

I just purchased and I have been winning every trade so far!! I have used
other software in the past but this surpasses them by far. I began with
$100 and 15 minutes later I had $290! I had to practice a bunch first and I
am still learning when to trade and when not to trade, but this software
works great so far.

Nicholas Dixon says:

Hi, do you still use this software? which time frame are you more succesful
with? ( 60 second trades or 15 min)

Dominic Boamah says:

yes i have used it.. so far its okay. I question though, What US time is
good to trade and when does the higher percentages pops up?
I have yet to see a 90%. DO you recommend trading as soon as the market
i will love a feedback.

Option Binary says:

hi, then, you recommend this robot?

can be used for any broker?

also used in Europe?

thank you very much.

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