Best Fails of the Week 1 March 2015 || FailArmy

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March is here and we’ve packed 6.5 minutes of the best fails so far in one convenient Fail Compilation. Check out the funniest fails the internet has to offe…

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shockraid1 says:

Horses, once again, prove that they are the dumbest creatures on Earth

Shane Clark says:

I’d have snapped that girls neck for shaving my hair

Dan Tavis says:

Dear Fail Army,
I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye.
All the best,
– A Fail Army soldier

MassOreoKiller says:

I just want to share this motivating quote with all of you guys. If at
first you don’t succeed, kill every cunt that saw you fail

yessirge says:

2:44 It was at this moment, that ..

Jorgensen Penus says:

Those fucking cunts that pulled away the yoga ball when that other guy was
jumping on it. That’s not entertaining at all. It’s not a prank, it’s
completely and utterly retarded. They are causing him bodily harm.
Featuring their video just encourages more idiots to do the same.

Юра Сокол says:

Русские, откликнитесь!! Скажите что я тут не один!

Travis massey says:

Fail army your the best when I’m bored i just watch you

Patrick Star says:

Ma boy spongebob broke up with sandy man. He got pretty fucked up by that
I hope he will be ok.
Support spongebob by liking and spamming this comment.

Bananaboom says:

5:32 NO FUCKING WAY! My gosh even though I enjoy watching fails alot I cant
stand these kind of things… His spine is probably broken now!

Maggie Riojas says:

Fail Army you are the best! I watch your vids every Friday at 7pm. Today is
Friday. Yes! Fail Army!!! Ordering pizza! 

Chael P. Sonnen says:

HI FailArmy :3

ThatOnePigeon says:

I love watching people fuck up their lives.

Snow998 says:

I love failarmy <3 Solider from norway

Misiasta says:

2:57 ŁO KURWA (?!) Dobre bo polskie, łączmy się. 

Peter Parker says:

how can i send you videos? ive got some dummies to share with my army.

FailArmy says:

How did you fail this week?

Rem NL says:

4:22 Biggest fail, I thought it was a women.. 

Sam D says:

+Pilot Pilotkin lol yeah bro easy guys also watch this video: *youtube*.

haha this method really works xD did extra 300$ so far! and thank me
tonight :)))

T om says:

I love your vids so much. It’s like the shows on tv which show damn old
home fails. But your videos are million times funnier.

Ery says:

great video! cheers from Norway!

Sinisbal says:

Funny. But even funnier for me is how some people want to convince me that
I could not be healed of homosexuality. LOL. They talk about acceptance yet
go totally berserk when they hear something that goes against their
emotions and what they think is possible or impossible. Anyway…

LtRizaHawkeye says:

4:02 someone got butt fucked after.

V3XX says:

Damn you’ve got two TV shows!

Tutorial Channel says:

whoop whoop sound of da police 1:10

Andrew Herriot says:

6:05 is this the real life event that inspired the State Farm Insurance
commercial with the 2 guys in the car?!??

TheHolyPlaya says:

Fail army serious question are you guys behind the new show called Fail
Army in new zealand?? it has all the exact art style you guys do

Arnold Barroga says:


Kerim Djigirkhanov says:

Do I give a fuck?




GhostShadow661 says:

Sir! Private First Class Shadow reporting for the weekly ration of Fails

I saw the first clip on the Facebook page :3

Baldy Nohairs says:

6:02 Like a good neighbor, Statefarm is there!

MrHowto says:

This video was awesome dude ! :D

J.B Drouin says:

The girl with the baby is so freaking dumb. Btw, thanks FailArmy, awesome
as always.

Xin Guan says:

I like how that one buffalo at 6:14 was just like, “The fuck, bruh?”

John Beaird says:

00:29 who put that fuckin wheel barrel there?

Gabriel Del Rio says:

1.36 jajajajajaajja im dying…

jeremypascall says:

4:11 Yo eat no cereals right now! 

Billy Reed says:

4:18 That skateboard saves his ass, Literally!

Dylan Niece says:

I love how a small percentage of these people people in the videos (ie.
Europeans) get permanently injured. Death to al americans living in these
videos you fucking fat pieces of shit fucks.

Avre(ItsAHuske) says:

Now they are.. marching on the “Trying-to-be-badass”-field..

Joe Kerr says:

Please GTFO. I can tell you are gay, so much drama

MrA16 says:

How can there be 1 millions view if there’s only 8 people on Earf?

matt hamilton says:

Can somebody tell me what the song is at the end of the video?

767corp2 says:

there’s ppls who can lift 150pounds of weight but can’t lift their dick 2
inches, gj really gj !

KevTimLP says:

LOL! 2:55 Wroetoshaw :DDD

DankWarMouse says:

Those people took a fucking bison ramming into their car pretty lightly,
they didn’t even seem remotely concerned for a moment.

dashiefan3247 says:

so glad that kid was ok @ 1:40

defjamblade says:

Most of the videos are just white people being white 

Menchitah says:

4:02 Cut her fucking hair off bro

Day says:

4:00 i want to se the aftermath of that ladys face.

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