Best Fails of the Week 2 March 2015 || FailArmy

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We made it to Friday, and so did this week’s biggest Failures. 2-3 clips this week had us laughing our asses off. Which one got you the most? Let us know down below. Thanks for stopping in,…

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kleetus92 says:

+FailArmy I have an idea for us power geeks… How about a collection of
electrical fails? Stuff like power lines, transformers, smoked equipment,

Timo Diener says:

Faiarmy is best weekend is good

Aullah says:

Thank you stupid people of Earth for entertaining us. Thanks and god bless

Tiko says:

Is it bad that these are the highlight of my week?

assassin8or says:

You know you have fucking big balls when you are in your car and play
chicken with an oncoming tank.. and win

Aztecax says:

The one channel that makes me laugh all the time :)) Well done!

Domzaiver says:

Fail Army never fails with the fails. Salute! 

Steven Psarras says:

that bottle prank at the end was actually first done by a man to a woman

Furuya Akashi says:

How to start an internet fight:
1. Write a comment
2. Wait

ypenburger says:

The last one isn’t funny.. she died

FailArmy says:

How did you fail this week?

GengarTV says:

5:14 This is an absolute prank win :)

Staś Piątek says:

Great job +FailArmy I love part with a boat and Polish mens (I am from

Дмитрий Батькович says:


Patrick Star says:

Finish my sentence:

Im a po….

Amy Mulligan says:

The girl going down the side of the escalator was hilarious!

Paul Behragam says:

One of the really good failarmy compilations so far!

Various Virals says:

what was that at 1:25?? THAT WAS BEATIFUL!

VMHvilsom says:

Failarmy is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get

ScyrousFX says:

Has the word ”fail” lost its meaning nowadays?


That was TOTALLY her (or his?) intention. You may find it funny or weird,
but this clip is not a ”fail”.

Matthew Mccormick says:

When i was a kid i ran home from school to watch pokemon. Now i run home
from work to watch failarmy.

Quiquee1313 says:

2:25 I think that’s when epicfivetv recorded after saying that she fell in
there in his vlog or prank not sure.. is this in Las Vegas? Anybody that
watches epic has to know what I’m talking about.

Lexman00 says:

4:39 just goes to show that bitches can’t cook anymore. They are useless
now… What are they going to feed their families? Cereal and grilled
cheese sandwiches? Fuck outta here…

Николай Михеев says:

Мотоциклисту на пляже нужно было остановится и вытащить мотоцикл направо.

SkeeTer|HÐ says:

Best episode! :D
i love FailArmy :P

SoulSurvivorX2 says:

Ha Ha the attack chicken

Radoslaw Demaj says:

1:33 what is that music theme?

Ferrum786 says:

Хохлы на бмп повеселили. Ukranian soldiers on BMP lol. Fucking dushbags.

BNGBlindWolf says:

That part where that person was screaming wail running from that chicken at
My cat (laying on my computer) just closed his eyes and had a big smile on
his face wail that person was screaming.

Lukáš Kus says:

vertical video syndrom everywhere…omg

AntonyPancake says:

How dumb do you have to be to hang on to the back of a train?

Jesse Pinkman says:

Whats the name of the song at the end?

Ps.: Ni Darude Sandstorm BITCH!

Lucas Valdau says:

1:03 only in Russia!. 

TheSliderBy says:

Does anyone ever wonder what happened to 2bucks?

WeabeMusic says:

These videos make my day better, am I a bad person?

Zeus | Call Of Duty Content says:

Can someone please tell the music? :3 01:37

amadrunner says:

I think all the video sources should feel proud that their candidates were
chosen in FA troops. It’s such and honor for being retard.


Spodman_theboss says:

2:16 pissed me off. That dick decided to speed for what ever reason and t
boned a car. Why would u speed in that situation?

MrSwadloon says:

1:44 Had to go back and watch that again

PAPA BÄR says:

Whats the name of the Wing at 1:35 ?

NirvanA1Channel says:

Fail Army I have universty exam on sunday(YGS) you made me happy !

BatmanFANizationReborn says:

this is why friday is my favorite day of the week!!

MGF100 says:

3:41 was not a fail that was fucking win right there


learn from this kids: dont molest chickens

Toon Link says:

What’s the song from 1:39 ?

JBehnen says:

- Abra cadabra… now what’s under?
– Your dick.

Khristophoros1001 says:

3:43 illegal immigrants or? 

David Tran says:

was marvellous XD 

Balto the Wolf says:

lol That last one :D

Hernak says:

hey papi,hey papi,oh my god afhiushgfzug :DD

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