Best Fails of the Week 3 March 2015 || FailArmy

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Its Friday. Time to sit back, relax and watch some of the most epic fails brought to you this week for the FailArmy Nation. Let us know what your thoughts are below. Comments on the best videos…

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FailArmy says:

Hey guys, some of you may have noticed but we’re working on getting another
channel up. Would definitely appreciate your support. Check it out here:

hipster_jesus says:

My week was fucking terrible but I’m glad you guys are here, you always
make me happy with these videos :) 

Video Brain says:

Есть кто русский? :D

Rawrpwnzel says:

It’s quite nice that failarmy still replies to comments, even with such a
big amount of subs :)

BiancalovesO2L says:

liked it before I even watched it. Was not disappointed 

Sayoo Mc Palta says:

Extreme respect for the guy with the fedora

Ismail Boudiaf says:

Dear +FailArmy ,

I am writing to you to request you upload every Monday. The reason for this
request ment is simple, every Monday people drag themselves out of their
warm comfortable bed to either go to a dead-end office job or the terror
which is school. Don’t you think that they deserve a silver lining in their
day (,which is watching people fail)?

Hope you consider my request,

Ismail Boudiaf.

Zerfallsgesetz says:

Only channel i pause my adblock :P

BattlefrontUpdates ► Star Wars Battlefront News says:

Always nice with friday and a new video from failarmy!

dooshoofd2000 says:

I think the best fail of this week was today. A cloudy eclipse :(

tnizz17 says:


Видео-дневник "День за днем" says:

Hello from Russia!

100k DISLIKES auf mein VIDEO?! Ist machbar says:

PLS HELP me to get 100.000 Dislikes on my NEW Video. Thank YOU!
Greetings from Germany! <3

Cameron. says:

Fucking love this channel !!!!!!!!!!!!

cago - says:

It’s good to have a channel which doesn’t rely on clickbait, instead
delivering content I’ve rarely seen before. And on top of that, delivering
it every week! Good on you, definitely a new subscriber here.

Alen G says:

I understand that when people are recording something, sometimes, they are
not in the position to change the situation because whatever is happening
is rapid and inevitable, but this fucking cock sucker at 0:57 could have
done some heroic type move if he quickly got into the bus and pressed the
brakes or turned the wheel to the right.

bion993 says:

Hey FailArmy, can I give a little suggestion?
I know it would be laborious and it would be a lot of work: have you ever
considered to add english subs to “spoken clips”? For example the clip of
the kid in this video. The spoken clips are not so much in your videos, so
it would be possible.
I think you have also a lot of not-english fans and someone (like me) is
not so good to understand english.

Hope you consider my request. Thank you.
Great video, keep on. This channel made my days, love you! :D
(I love google traslate too; he helps me in this comment <3)

FailArmy says:

How did you fail this week?

CustomGrow420 says:

I love this channel!

Pazzo MC says:

R U FKIN KIDDING ME 2:49 ?????????

Superpasi7 says:

Gravity is a bitch!

Lawrence Chan says:

holy hell… 2:27 did he dieded??? Damnnn that actually made me hop out of
my chair

Jordz Pvr says:

Nice video to watch on my birthday :)

alex bejmyr says:

Ah the description to this video made it so nice. Its fkin true, friday
baby lets chill

Melon Collie says:

Is this really u guys?? +FailArmy

Ayanna Rodriguez says:

Kevin Bacon in a tank top 

lil2shady99 says:

1:51 instant karma lol

SPARTAN_n72 says:

How to start an inernet fight :
1. Write a comment
2. Wait

Galantis says:

Can I have like for no reason lol

GamersInGlassesHd says:

Going skiing next week so I should be able to record some good footage for

UPlayNetwork says:

I miss winter (

WithdrawnPole says:

Do you love me FailArmy? D':

My Stoner Mind says:

Fail Army videos are always a great start to a stoney weekend. 

benja41238 says:

What says the kid in 1:23 ? I speak spanish :(

LtRizaHawkeye says:

These were hilarious! Thanks for the laughs FailArmy! A loyal solider I am!

Norcda Childa says:

You guys are awesome!

Frann# says:

Hahahaha so funny. Fail Army you just made my day

Πειραιώτης Γαύρος says:

+FailArmy You make my Fridays better :)

Aaron Iles says:

The guy at 4:33 shattered his sternum.

IAN 4000 says:

2:27 and that’ll be the, what, 12th time I’ve seen the death of a human
being on FailArmy?


In before ”scientific” subscriber beggers

Candy G says:

AFV’s new episode just aired and the segment about falls was the exact same
footage you guys uploaded a while back about falls. I know a lot of people
use the same videos, but they were in the exact order as yalls upload too.

Hm...leckerKäse says:

FailArmy, you have made my day! Thanks!

Lionel Messi says:

You should make a broken bones compilation

Fabio F. says:


Shivanshu Negi says:

My heart goes out for people like that cyclist, he is probably dead, is he?

Jack Axus says:

Thoooooot Fails :D *Nice video FailArmy! :)*

TheSamMarsden . says:

Thank you FailArmy! This has been the highlight of an otherwise terrible

KIRITO says:

2:57 That amazing gaze just made my day :’D 

john mann says:

The first one… OUCH MY FUCKING EARS. Some people wear headphones. Please
dont do that again.

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