Best Funniest Banned Condom Commercials – TOP 10

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Best Funniest Banned Condom Commercials – TOP 10, banned condom commercial, funny commercial. Do you subscribe? …

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Skerdy says:

that “come again” in the end always cracks me up!

Chelsea Aidoo says:

like if u are watching it 2015

ExposedBrainFilms says:

Like if you Masterbated to the last one

Lani Babai says:

LMFAOOOO his face at 4:20 LOLOLOL

Mat A. Krzywosz says:

The Airplane one was in Polish. Pol-land fuck yea.

cmmiles000 says:

More like the dumbest commercials. Seriously.

Bergen Nicholson says:

Why was 9 banned

angelica ponce says:

Is the girl on number eight the YouTuber RCLbeauty101

Cecil Pickard says:

2-10 were bland. The last one was hilarious. 

Lizzythefox says:

I LOVE the 1st one!! What size is yours? XD

HolyRubbish says:

Did he say Cum Again? WTF!

Alex Garcia says:

Lol come again

Perla Lujano says:

#1 ie so funny

Vlaka says:

Australia has banned all contraceptive commercials since the 90’s. Be they
‘controversial’ or just informative. Guess the soccer mums and welfare
whores can’t accept that there was an alternative.

TheRedWolves says:

The last one was awesome

Cajun Spice says:

haha condoms are gross–yet needed. So glad I don’t need em–a lesbian !!
I loved number 1 da best-da Aussie one. Cum again !! lol

Kitten God says:

you are the most horriblr person

Eloise D says:

when I saw the ‘save a life one’ I said “that’s not how it works”

Happy video Game kid says:

If you are banging a chick don’t wear a condom that’s why they call it safe

smileykins1101 says:

That last commercial was hilarious

Charlotte YOLO says:

What the fuck no one is just….. lol

fatkiller1000 says:

Cum again

Chelsea Aidoo says:

i think the funnist one was was the last one also the dinner table one

Balloon Boy says:


Vlad 2335 says:

like if you got a boner.

Bergen Nicholson says:

Most of them for that matter

Jersey Finest says:

ILK, wtf with # 5?!

2iloveboyz says:

They had sex in a store

ItsAscending ● MCSG says:

His face at 4:00

Archangel Tristan says:


Linda Eh says:

I really don’t get #5…

jake Knox says:

1 – Good old Aussie humour, we make the best ads hahaha

Bonnie The Bunny says:

wtf number 5

Tim Johnson says:

The last one was hilarious

Ihazkitty says:

The last one omg

Franco Toro Reveco says:


Tristan Miller says:

what was the thing that he got in #5???

Charlotte YOLO says:

No.7 got me lolling 

Donnell Ortiz says:

Wild an’funny memba’ my uthe 

สาดิษย์ สาและ says:


Bonnie The Bunny says:

lol number 1 

octavian88888888 says:

Straight people are lame. All these lame cheesy ads tend to discredit men
and make them look like idiots. 

Vanessa Alvarenga says:

I have seen #4 on TV 

tj rivera says:

What the fuck

Darhla Smiles says:

Lol dafaq?

Jboytv says:

I saw these on tv b4

Noah Boardman says:

Th last one

Bergen Nicholson says:

5 Hahahahahahahaha

osama hisham says:

i want to fuck

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