Best NBA Bloopers: January 2015

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Check out the funnies bloopers from the month of January! About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. The league is truly global,…

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75pro25fail says:

Where’s Whiteside about his 2k ratings?!

ateaparrot says:

Lol.. Why not just upload the whole Lakers season

MonkeyboneTV says:

I thought DeAndre Jordan should’ve at least been a reserve

House Of Hoops says:

They missed out the All Star lineup


No Hassan whiteside moment ‘I just tryna get my 2k rating up’?!you gotta be
kidding me imao

Steven Pino says:

D. Jordan for president!!!!!!

Imfromjamaicaman says:

Gasol was pretty good with the head

Pigexplosion says:

Wish the nba would start picking all stars according to stats like they
used to..

Pradana Hafiz says:

I don’t know that DeAndre is a funny guy


0:39 Best Fucking handschake of ALL-TIME!! Hilarious :D

bananabonzai says:

Oh my gawd deandre stop embarrass me XD 

Bkeenz184 says:

Deandre Jordan has become the NBA’s new Shaq personality

Chew Baka says:

This is ridiculous the Hornets just beat one of the best teams in the NBA,
Wizards, and not one damn highlight yet again. The NBA is only worried
about Lakers, Heat, Cavs, Warriors, Rockets, Bulls, and a few others. They
hardly ever post anything about the Hornets even when they do good. SMFH

Den Moumoiazei says:

I’m ready to trade Bogut for Deandre in 2k

Benjamin Woo says:

Melo doesn’t deserve to be an all star and fuck y’all for not voting

ultrAslanBOXER87 says:

haha Wiggins looks like a cool kid

TheJE32 says:

LOL that made my day

Vecord says:

DeAndre Jordan is such a cool guy, haha

clutchmamba says:

DeAndre Jordan deadass look like a silverback gorilla. Look like the leader
of the ape pack in Tarzan

Diego De Souza says:

wth was that all about ?!


Winston Smith says:

DJ for 2016 All Star! People need to realize that athleticism like his is a
use-it-or-lose it type. Get him in so he can impress people with nasty oops
and lighthearted humor!

fulton carmichael says:

This is hilarious 

Rok Torkar says:

Any idea what is the name of the track in the background?

Link The Love says:

I’m going to miss the lebron/wade/bosh shenanigans.

Kevin Love says:


matthew6089 says:

Wow NBA not showing respect to the GOAT Hassan Whiteside with his funny
joke about 2k rating. Smh NBA SM GOD DAMN H.

Elena Kotsen says:

Deandre though…

Franklin Bezerra says:

Esse tem o espírito BR haha

jules gomez says:
wale adenitan says:

Deandre Jordan is funny af tho.

erwin toh says:

Andrew Wiggins look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle

keitumetse Mabuza says:

Ronny Priceless miss

xJDaRR says:

Forgot to include lebrons NBA career

NoTrespassingCRO says:

0:38 best handshake ever

jalleman alleman says:

If you don’t love deandre jordan…….Man U messed up

Its24x says:

Where’s kobe 17 assist 

Bartek K says:

free throws < DeAndre Jordan^

Coolgamer546 says:

You forgot James Hardens Defense 

Nicolas de maria says:

Jordan <3

Jetsin7 says:

Rename the title to :Shatin’ a fool 

yoe91 says:

0:38 XD XD XD XD

QOOQ8808 says:

I like Deandre because he looks like my brother. Fuck clippers tho

Stefan Blargh says:

Tony allen got 3 off rebound in here lol, he sure hustles his ass off but
he anit rly good for anything on offanse xD

Huck McElveen says:
Lawliet24 says:

No Miami Heat photo bombs ?

Florent Wander says:
rafas malidis says:


Bryan Peralta says:

what’s happening at 1:50

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