Bier Haus Slot Machine BONUS & LIVE PLAY WIN Freeplay Friday Episode 10

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I’m VegasLowRoller and these are my slot machine bonus win videos from casinos across Las Vegas. I may not be Vegas High Roller, but you will find plenty of …

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Charles Brissett Jr says:

more like watching the graphics im gonna get a bon (change us to er)
way to should check out P-Mart TV about 3 days ago japanese slot
machine that practically gives you a blow job for getting a there hitting buttons (japanese machines are skill
stop) during bonus round getting anime girls all hot and
so im 49 (almost 50) lonely and ornery so sue me…

PMT's Slot Hit's n' Stuff says:

Awesome live play buddy boy. I’ve never nailed a full screen on this game
with any symbol yet. Bier Haus 200 is at my local now and trying to get
some live play but it’s been treating me like crap, haha.

Catherine P says:

Oh sweetie! I was soooo glad you got that full screen of kegs! Congrats!
This slot has turned into a very hard slot to hit on and you has some close
ones. But you pulled it off, thanks for sharing and as always, love your

SpitfireOFatj says:

“That hurts me in my special place”.

Would that be your Heidi Hole?

Claudia Day says:

I loved seeing that full screen of symbols VLR! 

Albert's Slot Channel says:

6:40 why we luv this game more than BH200 :)

Random $$ Slots says:

Worth the wait! Congrats!

Jose Herrera says:

Awesome way to finish the video congrats 

Curry Head says:

Disappointing bonus but great finish

KenoBabe777 says:

Awesome!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Azzho916 says:

I got to learn how to stop like you . I be up 500 but end up losing it all

Raul Carbajal says:

Nice! Full screen, congrats sr.

Pam E says:

That was nice VLR but I have spent a total of $500 never to get a bonus or
meaningful line pay so I am done but thanks for sharing LOL

FreezinFury says:

Nice win buddy keep those vids coming your so funny and entertaining.

sauropod says:

I enjoy your videos and very entertaining. The way you express yourself
reminds me of Elvis Presley. It would be fun for your next video to sing an
Elvis tune as you play along. This being Christmas you should sing Here
comes Santa Claus (Down Santa Claus Lane) it would be very entertaining.
Good luck and Merry Christmas

JM Engelhard says:

Congrats! I love the freeplay Friday concept. 

Steve P says:

Just wondering VLR, did you stop playing Bier Haus after triple free play
$, or did temptation get the better of you especially after the full
screen? :-)

Robert Jaworowski says:

Nice win dude it’s like taken candy from a baby. lol

timinator855 says:

Schaaaalaalalalalalalaaalaaalaaa song stuck in my head now thanks -.-

David Slot Win excitement says:

great free play and what a sexy full screen, thanks for sharing!

christina Sluss says:

That was great!

addicted to fishing says:

That was a nice screen of bier congrats vlr 

Mrbigshot Slot player says:

All ways nice to get a full screen. keep the live play posting fun to watch
and hear you when you play lol

spazztech Luxx says:

I was thinking “Now this is a realistic slot session”, until the full
screen at the end. Nice one!

Dear Miss Connie says:

I got a little worried there for a minute, but a great finish!.

Rosemary Baker says:

That was great at the end! You showed patience waiting for a full screen
to show up!

wwejosh1928 says:

awesome win they got them game up here in Oklahoma to

thrillerb15 says:

it took 95 spins after the bonus to get that big win smh lol

Verbfromarizona is 90s Hiphop/BoomBap/Jazz/Beats/Instrumentals/Grimey Head Nod Bangers ONLY! says:

those HEART PALPITATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VegasLowRoller says:

Bier Haus Slot Machine BONUS & LIVE PLAY WIN Freeplay Friday Episode 10

wwejosh1928 says:


Penny Twin says:

great last hit

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