Binary Options Trading Beginners Full Educational Webinar

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Robert Hutchens says:

Ok, so here is the deal. I invested money and won big several times, but
it only looked that way based on the amount I invested. I was winning
around 9 out of 10 times all day every day and it looked like I was really
making money, when I was really losing my butt after all of the
calculations of investment to withdrawal. The platform timers freeze
making you think you actually have more time than you really do, and if you
and a friend log in to the same thing at the same time you will see
different numbers for the same item. Not calling it a scam, but you tell
me. The timers freeze, the charts freeze at just the opportune moment for
you to not make any past what you invested resulting in an actual loss. If
you don’t believe me have a friend sign up for an account and both of you
open the same item, bid in separate directions and see what happens to the
numbers. Good luck… P.S. Out of all of the huge seeming winnings I
withdrew $400 and invested over $3000 winning almost all day every day for
a few weeks. 

Jhoni Jack says:

Nice video!!!

Salim Brim says:

And everything like that. 

heinrich hess says:

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