Binary Options Winning Trading Method Trading Binary Options On MT4 Platform

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etaylor38 says:

Nice video, Your the only one Ive seen that shared this thanks. I will give
it a try. 

Mat isreal says:

Hi i really love your template it works great i was wondering if you or
someone else can help me setup a sound alert when it touch below 25 or
higher than 75

Paul Richards says:

nice video

Richard Seely says:

Works Great, I have traded this on Nadex. Thanks for the video!!!! :-)

james bennett says:

Hi, thanks for the template, I just wondered how you know weather to buy or
sell at the given point, once you have recognised the ‘point’ on the RSI at
15 mins, & checked the cross over at 1min. Do you go by the stoch on the 1
minute graph or 15 minute?

Robert R. Blevins says:

nice tutorial!!!

Ray Funns says:

Oh man!.. you really know your stuff. I am gradually getting to understand

Bravenberg Binary Trading says:

Am Trisha Bravenberg, A successful Binary trader. I love to share my
strategy with you if you are interested. My strategy is very easy to
understand and stress free. Please kindly email:, if
you are interested. Cheers

Royce Clarke says:

Hello Demetrios,
Your 15 minute strategy is working for me, but sometimes the 1m chart
doesn’t seem to line up with the 15 min chart? Should the close on a candle
for say 9am on the 15 min chart, be the same close on the 9am candle in the
1m chart??
Also – I have to line up the 1m chart with the 15 min chart manually. Is
this normal?
Cheers, looking for some answers

Rolik Options says:

Interesting Binary Options Strategy using:
Stoch (4)
RSI (5,3,3)
(Both should be in your Metatrader 4 installation)

Doe Sharp says:

Had a quick question I’m a newbie but in the video you made the trade at
9:04 and won at 9:14 but I thought you were doing 15min trade just wanted
and explanation thanks alot

Demetrios Wilhelm says:
shahab khan says:

Very nice , honest, no implication of greed for bucks like everybody else.

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