Bloody Body in Suitcase Prank – Pranks on People – Social Experiment – Funny Videos 2015

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Bloody Body in Suitcase Prank – Funny Pranks – Mafia Prank – prank & pranks 2015 – Pranks on People – Social Experiment – Funny Videos 2015 Subscribe to NICK SANTONASTASSO …

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JoeySalads says:

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What should we do for our next prank???
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Was he born like that or was it an accident ?

nismoman420 says:

Is that guy actually handicapped or what’s the deal, how do you do that?

Arrogant Cortez says:

First and I would kill myself if I was in that man’s condition.

jayy den says:

haha fucking midget.

Your Tour Guide says:

Great video funny in HD :)

Prank Files says:

OMG…This was hilarious!!!

Slippery Pickle says:

poor guy just because he has is able to accept his life with just one arm
and meanwhile there are people complaing about absolutely retarded things
makes me sick

Nikolaj Foldager says:

More of these pranks

Game Brigade says:

“Im gonna fuck him up” lol

GeekGamerz | Road to 1000 Subs says:

Are is harms and legs actully cut off? If so than tell him i said i hope
hes okay

Cantor Horus says:

i want a friend i can pack into my suitcase when i go on holiday.

Jose Flores says:

Reactions were meh

Adriana Pugs says:

I couldn’t stop laughing! Too funny

JoeySalads says:
ToxiCreeper22 says:

I feel sorry for him

Mirin? says:

Amazing vid!

Michael Bruner says:

There so calm on the first one xD

hamoudy11 says:

who can hear the sparcmaclive music in the background?

Joe a.k.a Depths says:

U should put that epic guy In a buggie and put baby clothes on him then
take him to ever shop leave him say u can’t deal with it anymore. 

david88376 says:

I saw when u guys were filming this prank in Staten Island but I didn’t
want to disturb the prank I was coming out if Costco 

Lacey K-Grant says:

That is so funny did the people know that there was purson was in it and
you should have a purson eat poop

Jeff R. says:

That was really poorly executed. Bad acting. 

Daniel Wyatt says:

lol this was Funny as Hell +JoeySalads please do more of these and the “Its
Bashin Time” episodes


I feel bad for the guy

Ahmed El-makdah says:

Im actually proud to be one of your first subscriber

Mia Keim says:

Whoever disliked this video can go fuck their selves 

EwItsMichael says:

This one… This one was amazing! aha!

Aleksandr Tarutin says:

This is Staten Island mall

Chris Olvera says:

Shoot your sister with a paintball gun or bash her window of her car

kdb28dude says:


Sara Sheehan says:

When are u gonna do more bashin videos!!!!

MigyBeats says:

Ayee thats dope in front of my school #sea #seavikings

Antonio Matheus says:

*0:51** lmaoo “I’m gonna fuck him up!”*

Jim Devlin, Jr. says:

Sears employees could care less lol

Romos Ro says:

That dude So cute Aha espicially when he running 

Charlie H. says:

1000 like 

Audalina Ortiz says:

That is nowere close to funny

TheBearCrowe says:

If you have the balls, do this in an airport at the baggage drop off 

beastmonkeyNL says:

How??? Did it look soo real with that growler

JuuTuubNuub says:

Dat sparcmaclived song lol

Bruno maverick says:

Sorry i m proud of you brother.

My Name is Jeff says:

this was a good video
thank you 

Raul Villanueva says:

U guys should fake abuse a women

Maritza Martinez says:
Shane Morava says:

You should dope

Matthew Shuldham says:

U live in Staten Island

Carol Davis says:

No arms or legs sad

Funniest Jokes and Quotes says:

Bloody Body in Suitcase Prank – Pranks on People – Social Experiment –
Funny Videos 2015

john haas says:

Staten Island

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