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Bloopers and Behind the scenes footage + deleted scenes! Tomorrows Sunday… ASK WOLF! Hope you all enjoy this video, if you do make sure to hit that Like button in the face! Subscribe to join…

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Aftab Habib Khan says:

9th viewer never get a reply plsss reply me

February says:

Kaz is our savior, revealing the color of Lia’s panties!

Monkeyofriend says:

Wolf can you plz answer this question I’ve been asking for like ever.. Are
you in FaZe? Your gamertag was FaZeWolf on wednesdays vid but no one can
confirm it.

SpaceInvadesEarth says:

Wattya reccomend most COD AW OR GTA V???

justplaytf2247 says:

You deserve more subscribers :( I hate the fact that all great small
YouTubers like you barely get any notice.

Glove Gaming says:

Check out my youtube channel

Alex Barrios says:

Always knew you were cool, but it took a fucking blooper video for me to
realize how fucking gorgeous you are :D

Charzo XD says:

I can’t believe how beautiful you are!!!

ItsAmandaLemon says:

You guys are so damn cute together!! 

Chris Parker says:

Think you should just make a video without editing any of it, so we can see
what it’s like.

Alexis Villeda says:

*Every 60 Seconds,*
*A Minute Goes By In Africa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

MaDaNi991 says:

Please upgrade your mic

sl0o07iksa says:

she kinda look like Ariana grande

NoobErnie says:

How cum you always use the same song for the background? 

TeabagOfDarkness says:

Am I the only one who doesn’t find her attractive?

Juan Maynez says:

Just a question why is she with that dude lol 

Toby MUFC says:

good job kaz, you’ve done well

Lucas Santos says:


Dan Smith says:

nice vid today Lia and btw Nice new Lambo u have also. 

Austin Whitt says:

These comments piss me off

Hector S says:

Ive never seen a women so flawlessly beautiful

Joe Wisdom says:

h8 troll faces wy u do dis

MoeMixLOL says:

Kaz should take over the youtube channel. You listen to what the fans want
and give it to us!

Mike Thompson says:

That Caveman Mr. Sausage gets Lia…now I truly believe anything is

jean_kenny says:

ѕoмe oғ тнeѕe people don’т нave reѕpecт .. тнey alwayѕ coмplaιnιng aвoυт
wнaт yoυ wear .. lιĸe ιғ ιт ғυcĸιng мaттerѕ .. grow υp people .. #wolғpacĸ

Jason Lewis says:

Lol the door nob 

WeTheGamers says:


jacob jester says:

hi ssniperwolf plz respond and ill love u

Oscar Castillo says:

Nip slip at 3:48 :)

MatzoBallMan says:


Andrew Sansone says:

Hilarious Bloopers! Let’s see how many creeps comment about the panty slip
at the end XD

Junior Velazquez says:

I bet a million dollars sssniperwolf won’t reply to this comment 

- Imawolf1_2_3 - says:

She looks so beautiful at 2:19

osman otcuoğlu says:

nice panties

Vincent Madness says:

My birthday is tomorrow wish me a happy birthday!

Jordan Williams says:

Uggghhh. I the only one who’s ocd goes crazy when you see the picture at
the end when she is showing other videos? Because her hoodie strings are in
even :(

Error 6 says:


The False Prophet says:

Man, its so sexy…. The dog i mean.

Marc Alvarez says:

I saw your red Thong when Kaz push down your shorts a little bit and u
could see it 

Rare Rezq says:

How can u upload the scenes when you deleted them? *Illuminati*

Kaleb Gomez says:

Thanks to Kaz we all know what lia’s panties look like

I sound like a perv

Default Greed™ says:

God bless Caz in the end :D 

SaNe F6 says:

Good dog

XNobleActualX says:

Uploaded on my birthday. Thanx wolf lol : D

NamesDeon says:

do you have a vine

Conlin Archer says:

Sausage is so lucky

MrRandommonkey12 says:

We love you Kaz !! like if you agree

Eduardo Ventura says:

Kaz is a cold hard savage 

John Rodriguez says:

Red underwear

PumpuptheKickZz says:

Thank You For The Bloopers Lol

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