Buckaroo Slot – First Attempt, Live Play/Free Spins Bonus in New Slot by Multimedia Games

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First Attempt at the Buckaroo slot by Multimedia Games. This game features Windfall Reels, which is active at all times. 3 Bonus Symbols on Reels 1, 3 and 5 …

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Albert's Slot Channel says:

Really like the teasers! 

EmanRocknSlots says:

The Windfall Reels remind of a feature on some older Atronic games called
“Wild Slide” but on those it would only stay active when you have certain
wild symbols on the reels.

BonusSlotMaster says:

Interesting new game and concept! I have not come across this slot yet, but
it has amazing potential with the Windfall Reels. Thanks for the first

ShinobiYT says:

The new Buckaroo slot by Multimedia Games. Live Play and the Free Spins
bonus with its Windfall Reels feature.

Ebby Baby says:

PLayed it tonight. put in 10, came out with $200, I had a lil audience
watching lol

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