Car Crash Compilation # 492 – March 2015

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Site: Best car crashes compilation in this channel.Car Crash Compilation # 492 – March 2015.All crashes…

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viljami1993 says:

3:27 that sound..

Evgen Petrenko says:

дятел с последнего видео сам виноват..спешит сильно. не дал таксисту,
выехавшему на перекресток, закончить его пересечение 

Omar Saleh says:

Russia Russia I love Russia .

7 Car Crash Compilation says:

Car Crash Compilation # 492 – March 2015

Joseph Zuraski II says:

Brakes are optional equipment

Claudio V says:

Yellpw light before green one… worst idea ever

Victor Ciornii says:

Putin is responsible in all crashes showed in this clip, just confirmed!

Сергей ВВ says:

The more I read the comments, the more I realize that foreigners do not
know anything about Russia and think stereotypes. At home you can see even
more stupid accident, but you have DVRs prohibited.

Danny Pavicevic says:

the problem comrades, you have faulty traffic lights that go orange and red
at the same time, that’s why they jump the lights and crash.
Also blame Putin for no money to traffic upgrade but money for Nuclear bomb

Rodion Levi says:

Если бы эта музыка, что в конце была бы с самого начала видео, смотреть
было бы веселее)))

metocco says:

4:21 Din… ♫ ☺

Nicu Mozaceanu says:

i think this people want to do accidents

Dark Fenomeno says:

Когда эти идиоты научатся прикручивать колеса??

Boatswain says:

На последнем видео у таксёра лезущего на красный, такая тупая улыбка, как у
Рождественского оленя, а его пассажир успел накласть в штаны шоколадных
кирпичей… ;-)

Sevak Stepanyan says:

На 2:36 Мне мужика на VW так жалко стало(

TheCharlieGordon says:

Когда уже эти дебилы на грузовиках научатся прикручивать колеса?

Joe DeSalvo says:


accident is ready

Televersity says:

I wonder what ‘waayoobud’ means? I can understand ‘bleuuuud’ and ‘foookaa’

Bomberman 3000 says:

3:25 i bet this is the guys radio and hes lika psycho who likes to listen
to that sound

Gainstrup says:

Consider my mind blown :-) like blown a lot, im talking Tzar bomba blown

Then again, i wonder what i would have to pay to get my Danish licence
stamped with MC in Russia, and if a Russian stamp / driving licence is
actually recognised here.

roadsonboard says:

lol crazy nutters

CT Dashcammer says:

Gotta love the one 2:14, lets turn left and crash into this thing!

James Bouwens says:

I feel like some people with dash cams have a tendency not to brake,
especially if they can take advantage of the situation.

Александр Пупкин says:

1:53 Я заснял:-))) Проснулся и заснял:-)))

Jeffrey Houser says:

Ah, the brutality continues!

69Phuket says:

Putinski- ! ? 

jordan lozano says:

The more i watch these videos the more swear words become familiar in

Jose Juarezz says:

0:28 the pitcher throws the ball……. 0:29 strike one!!! ………… 0:31
its a home run (turu tirit turi tiii)

Dinger Bringer says:

0:23: He should better reinforce the bumper before playing basketball with
his Lada …

StevieRay9O says:

0:30 Those truck-wheels can certainly deliver quite a punch when they hit
another vehicle at highway speeds!

ich Suesserschrotti says:

Autofahren können sie nicht , aber ist ein schönes Land

Lassmiranda Dennsiewillja says:

1:31 WTF ???? WHAT THE FUGG ??????

tabu says:

3:28 is he/she taking shower while driving?

A Heimdahl says:

What an asshole at 1:42 ….
Was it wrong for me to laugh at 2:10 ….?

ROBERT kubiak says:


Jose Juarezz says:

0:10 what that hell? wheres its the owner of this
………………….. 0:17 oh forget that there is

Hubert4515 says:

dat was a fast episode

Feel Good says:

0:47 Повторы? Серьезно?

Jalal Zakaria says:


World Of Car Crashes says:

i like car crash video

Harry Andruschak says:

Are tire lug nuts optional?

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