groom has a bit of a disaster in india!! [...]
How to do this check once [...]
CCTV footage captured the moment a man robbed a phone shop in Agam, Indonesia and left his ID card. [...]
Dance funny fail but just great fun and we do like to see people going for it! [...]
These Fails Will Make You Want To Buy a House on The moon. Here they are, the best fails of all time [...]
Just a very silly stunt that goes very wrong........don't do it at home kids and always wear a helme [...]
Electricity wire was on a bike and sets it on fire. The area is incredibly dangerous and the power n [...]
It was a video repeated to those people who fails to do thing and we are launching to see this [...]
Some people in America fail to land on water and they don't know how to land which result in fails. [...]
Arriva un nuovo epic fail per Game of Thrones. Durante l’ultimo episodio c’è un’enorme gaffe [...]