Coning Prank Fail | McDonald’s Employee Denies Prank

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This cute prankster decides to take her turn at coning a McDonald’s employee. What she soon discovers is a prank gone wrong. Original Link: …

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JukinVideo says:

Coning has gotta be one of the worst pranks out there, right? 

JukinVideo says:

This video started blowing up again this week. Who’s done this before? 

Colin The Gamer says:

“this cute prankster”

All I see is an adult acting like a child, there’s nothing cute about that.
I’m glad this guy spoke up, people like you are annoying as shit. Pranks
aren’t funny, it’s just assholes with cameras that are too dumb for real
comedy so they go around and mess with people for their own enjoyment.

Pokémon Trainer Khaelis says:

This prank stopped being funny the moment the first person did this.

NINJOSU | Grande says:

The fact that she had no damn clue what to say after her 10/10 never seen
before prank failed, yeah, that shit was the funny part. 

Chris Saunders says:

Surely if they paid for it, what they do with it then is up to them. 

Doge says:

I know this guy was kind of a buzzkill, But I gotta commend this guy for
being a boss.

SoldierOfTwilight says:

Can someone explain what they intended to do? I don’t understand what the
heck is going on.

klotuur says:

I feel like this is some weird intro of a porn movie.

CockpumpVideo says:

The fact that the clip is filmed using a lighthouse as a lightsource
probably put the guy off…

L3G3ND says:


Nicowitsz says:

Srsly? That video is 4 years old xD 

HBKanedge818 says:

Wow. This guy reminds me of the Previous owner at my workplace. He was a
tyrant the first 2 months but sort of mellowed out afterwards. He demanded
perfection & never joked around with us. He was only around for 7 months
but it felt longer.

NerdRagerGaming says:

I don’t know why people think it’s funny to mess with fast food workers.
It’s a shitty job with a lot of stress despite what people think. To top
that off they are underpaid and mistreated constantly by people who have no
manners and by shitty bosses. I would have done the same thing in his
position. Bring on the “get a better job” argument.

Tony Palange says:

Young men, recognize the cunty way she speaks. Only good for 3 things… 

Chris M says:

Manager had no right saying he will throw it away, just because he doesn’t
like the way someone grabs it. They paid for it. They can grab it anyway
they like. Don’t like that? Find another job.

vengefulbeauty says:

While I agree, these “pranksters” are rather annoying. But who cares if
they ruin their own ice cream? So long as it doesn’t get on the employee or
in/on the window, I wouldn’t really care. It’s them looking stupid for
wasting their own money and food. Just hand them the ice cream, let them
make a mess on themselves like giant juveniles, and serve the next customer
in line. Don’t give them a reaction and they won’t keep up this antic. 

Ryukami says:

Let’s see, dumbass smile + camera in front seat being pointed at window in
plain sight + playing dumb when he called them out on it.

Yeah, this had fail written all over it, even if you do something as
unfunny as this, at least put the effort into it to make it somewhat
decent. Also, #1 rule about screwing around with places like Wal-Mart,
McDonalds etc. Don’t do it with a fucking manager, they know these things

thook says:

should of grabbed the first one then mushed the second one but i guess
blondes will be blondes lol

Jameson Jeffery says:

I would have stabbed her face with it. Stupid bitches that think they’re

Geometry Dash UniVerse says:

:) Nice vid Jukin!

fetullah ydz says:

She can actually drive in a car?

DieGamingFreunde says:

Can someone explain the joke for a non american?

Queen Rexy says:

This is why the US is dumber today than it was 50 years ago. Get a job.
Quit harassing people where they work. And fucking hell, the way she says
“thank you” while reaching for the ice cream makes me want to cut my ears
off. Her real voice is the same voice comedians make when they want to
sound like morons.

Trevor Stuart says:

First off , …who would Even Record a …” Coning ” anymore..??

UndeadOtaku626 says:

Geez, how can this b*tch be so f**king basic?!

qwertyismymom says:

America is full of people like this, it’s nice to visit once or twice a
year but after a week everyone kinda annoys you. Except Chicago, you guys
are fucking cool

DandelionVolta says:

As if McDonalds didn’t throw away enough food now we have idiots wasting
even more. Fuck these guys!

CsFF4U says:

Humans are so dumb…….

*END* finger *RESPECT*

Catie Vogel says:

I like that he tried to tell her he was going to shove it in her face!!
Haha, thats the only thing that guy will ever get near a hot chicks face!

xyrxes1 says:

The title Cunt….was created for a reason. It is essential in our times
past, present and future. It is not gender biased nor holds anyone hostage
to it’s grasp. One must only become one, to be labelled one. This
cunt….has become a Cunt. Long live, and reciprocate the backlash of your
displayed behaviour as your official initiation into the viral infection of
other Cunts worldwide. As they share with you the true sense of attempting
to humiliate when in fact you cunt, are the puss filled sore of the virus
you created. Bravo newest member of C.U.N.T


jimm3ronn says:

glad to see one store that doesnt kiss a customer’s ass

Captain Pistachio says:

That thumbnail.. Stranded Girls on PornHub!

Hyperiiz says:

Wait so did this lead to a porn or??? 

Kiyo says:

That girl really got on my nerves :P

andreshates says:

she should just do porn 

metalpyromon says:

good on the mcdonalds worker

Miguel Bazan says:

Manager just wanted to keep the change

Aubatron says:

You guys got punked the fuck off. I’d make that guy the manager. 

Forest Settin says:

The moment when the prankster, tries to make the person shes pranking look
like an idiot for not letting her prank him.

What a dumb blond, not to mention her boy-toy recording.

Schmidt McGready says:

Stupid joke, whatever. However, she paid for that ice cream. She can do
whatever she wants with it. Including but not limited to giving it to some
African kids in Iraq. 

WhatStef says:

Why does this guy care which way the customers decide to grab the stupid
ice cream? They paid for it. If they want to make a mess and get that
shit all over their hands, who cares?

LucasLand says:

her teeth are whiter than the ice cream. she’s a cutie too. I’ll have an
order of her

Thaddeus Whelan says:

Black shirt usually signifies a manager. Probably not the joking kind of

Working at McDonalds myself for a little bit, this prank was something
tied every to often, and its honestly not funny to the workers, who have to
make that, and watch it get wasted.

Sargeant Johnson says:

Stupid scank

Manuel Sosa says:

Let’s face it she got own by the mc guy

Benny Yizuma says:

This is a stupid so-called ‘prank’. However it doesn’t get the employee
messy or involve them really in any way. So when I pay for an ice cream
cone, drive thru guy better dam well hand it over to me any way I want it.

SuperMazix says:

I’m fairly certain the employees have to clean up the cone if she grabs it
by the ice cream and it drops. The entire prank is just a huge fuck you to
people that have to work at a fast food restaurant, which isn’t pleasant…
Respect to the employee

tetranode0 says:

I like how he threatened to mush the ice cream into her face….and he
doesnt have the right to throw ice cream away if they already bought them.
thats theft.

Tabris69 says:

Looks like a case of priviliged shit heads hassling us common

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