CS GO Fails #3 (CSGO Funny Moments)

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Shivdini says:

video is 4:20 minutes long. Coincidence? I think not

Zeyn Hirji says:

This vid is 4:20. Illumanti confurmed.

nightbuilder12 says:

Did I ever mention that I like pie?

Todd Smith says:

I love you nick!!

xNurm1337 says:


Tristxn says:

I got banned from your teamspeak server which is wrong. When you were
answering questions, i changed my question to ask a 2nd question and then i
did it once more, you told me to stop and i understood. But I changed my
name one more time just to say I love you and i put ‘no question’ in
brackets but u still called on me and i didnt answer so i just wanted u to
read that i love u but someone said “its the same guy” then i was banned. i
think i should be unbanned because i just wanted to show appreciation. but
u didnt take my love. I apologize and hope to be unbanned. I really liked
the server because i got to know people and get to play without trolls.
love you nick <3 :(

JessePlays says:

I am silver elite master and have 700 hours and 350+ wins in game, I cannot
get out of silver because of either smurfs or bad people on my team. Any
SEM or higher want to queue up?

BanaaniPiirakka says:

I can run csgo at max 40 fps on low graphics :DDD

TheKiwiColonel says:

Haha i thought the guy on mirage would suddenly hack like crazy…
disappointed ;(

NoScope 360 says:

i hate u only cuz u trolling like silvers 

Camocake says:

This guy asks for donations when he has the most expensive weapon in the
game (M4A4 | Howl)

Nick Bunyun says:
PBsquilz says:

I don’t understand the “Black Person” Bit, can someone help?

ThePickleKing1111 says:

One thing i dread so much- a team with two or more players that are too
idiotic to realize that you’re there, too idiotic to realize they have a
radar, and so retarded that they not only are the cause of your death,
either from headshot AWP, or by lowering you down so much you don’t stand a
chance, and their excuse, without saying sorry for making us lose because
you killed the top fragger who’s carrying you, is “I play for movement on
my screen.” Like Jesus those people don’t deserve to play the game!

Shenanigans says:

Out of curiosity does the aug/sg have a role in csgo or is it just more
expensive and less damaging then the ak/m4 because it has a scope?

Daniel Tudoran says:

Hey Nick, what’s your rank? Forta sarmale si mamaliga!

QualifiedPvP says:

Nick, how do you get your screen to be stretched like that?

DiscussionCA says:

nick, when ever you troll and you dont end up killing the person . That
shit would annoy the shit out of me if I was in your game LOL 

Woundo Tounda says:

can you stop acting and doing stuff like a silver 1 pls thx.

Anand B. says:


ThatFancyPenn says:

I played with that person named black person (he even had the blocks in his
name) at 0:48. He was smurfing an MGE game..

bloodrain says:

old days this was funny, but now its annoying…

Andrew "Legacy" Nguyen says:


Sasa Coteata says:

te rog vb. bine gramatical undei se scrie unde-i :)

Driton Nicaj says:

4min20sec=4:20 stoner confirmed

neacsiu mihai says:

Ai primit AWP-ul Redline sau l-ai “deschis” dintr-o cutie
Da l-ai primit pls zi-mi de unde
Keep up the good work

elias alramahi says:

Nick return back to romania so we can play cs go together!

TheTdb20 says:

Always happy when these come out

AnimeBoy228 says:

Gg Nicu =) * 3 *

BillyBoBaggin says:

Snop Doog confirmed 0_o

Even Andre Lindås says:

You killer John cena :'(

DevCatGames says:

This video is 4:20 long COINCIDENCE?!

Fiffinono says:

if you would play like that (not shooting them if you can) i would totally
kick vote you out! :D

MADACE404 says:

And that’s why you communicate with teammates kids ha

Toast! says:

it always makes me cringe when he follows guys with his knife, like what is
he waiting for? if he wants to knife them then do it!

Канал Flizzy says:

I hate cs go because when you hit enemie 15 times and it’s show you 3 hit
it’s not a normal

xxXLINKINPARKXxx96 says:

Question: Today i bet 2€ at csgolounge on envy against cloud9, i won the
bet because envy had won 2:0. But i dont get any reward ?! Where are the
20cent that i should have win? Sry for bad english :D

UMadBro592 says:

Hi everyone I would like to know some tips on how to stay calm because
everytime there’s an enemy close to me I panic and my shots are horrible at
times….thx for your help and have a good day!

Ikram Al-Moldovi says:

ROMANIA !!! Ce faci ma ? De ce nu vorbesti si tu cu fanii tai romani ?

Vašek Opava says:

Nick…you are asshole…why do you doing this bullshits in game. Its i
competetiv game…if you want to have fun like this…go play casual mod

Jared Yu says:

4:20 Blaze it.

Azlan 420 says:

04:20 blaze it

OhhRazzkah says:

I screamed at my monitor “DO IT FOR FUCKSAKE” at the beginning

xDubstepify says:

you do stupid shit like trying to noscope then act like its your teammates
fault and start crying like 3:25

Lightninstrike95 says:

The reason you have all these fails is you stalk too long and never take
your opportunity

carl maleck says:

can i have four of your pixel piracy coupons that are 25% off the title

-Cobalt Edits says:

Time duration of the video is 4:20 :)

KRACKASS00 says:

whats your resolution nick i looked at your settings on facebook and i
couldn’t find anything and i looked at your video about it but im still not

Cow says:

lel you sucks

najm joey says:

What’s the name of your M4 camo on the first clip ??

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