Dean Martin’s Wild Party: 20 Free Spins & Big Win

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So I FINALLY got the “Holy Grail” of all the Money Burst machines – the 4 matching/locking symbols on the left, and the 3 “bonuses” on the main reels, for a …

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sdguy1234 says:

You should have won much more on this. but you’re right… this is the holy

Asalieri2 says:

I skip this one in favor of Jungle Wild 2, because when you get the 20
spins, it’s actually worth something

Jenny Wheeler says:

that was not the holy grail….the “holy grail” would be 4 wilds and a
screen full of wilds…

kometbaby says:

i played this game for the first time in feb at bluechip casino in michigan
city. i downloaded $10 in free play. i thought i was playing $3 a spin but
it was a .02 machine, so i was playing $6. i won $300 on my first spin i
hit the 20 spin bonus on my 2nd spin and also got a retrigger getting my
first handpay ever $1332. i love this game

CasinoNews says:

Nice one!

aolson72178 says:

wow not to bad but u think it would have been better atleast now u know u
can win that much on 80 cent bet. i can hear it in ur voice finally i get
it but i get screwed. know how u feel thanks for sharing ur good luck and
bad luck

slotsnchips says:

One more line of wilds–particularly on that one that had the line on the
end would have been swweeeet, but it was still a super bonus. You got the
20 spin special… it. Congrats.

Kevin Michael says:

Man that could have been a monster…. Thats too bad


Dean Martin Rocks and so does this slot machine,a true classic

The Shamus Of Slots Super Slot Fan Site says:

The problem, as you likely figure out, you need at least 1 WILD on reel 1
and 1 WILD on reel 2 — then, everything matches! It’s a nice win, but
DEANO is a scarce symbol, and he just proved it! Thanks for posting!

BrentWolgamott says:

Yeah I know — I said to my mom before I started taping, that I wish my
Wilds were catty-corner instead of on top of each other. Still, 166x isn’t
too shabby.

DHAF8085 says:

Just an FYI- you can stop each row by touching the screen on it…. I play
Dean Martin and win a lot by stopping the first row on the Wilds…. just a

twinslotaddicts says:

Nice bonus, congrats and thanks for sharing.

Matthew J says:

such a shitty win for 20x spins. Other slots like this would give a hand

Jeff Thompson says:

Stopping the reels does nothing. The outcome has already been decided at
the start of the spin.

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