Dog Peeing on Girls at the Beach!! Funny videos – Funny pranks 2015

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Dog Pissing on Girls at the Beach
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CynicalPokemon says:

ha your dog peed on a whale 

SeverusHD says:

that fucking dog is so CUTE

Jon DGAF says:

That ASS tho!!!

Datbol Uaintfuxwit says:

I’d shut up that spick at the end by reminding him of immigration services

The CarnellDIARIES says:

That last guy voice is funny lol sounds like Squidword

Alex N says:

2:00 beached whale!!!

Prank Files says:

I peed in a girl before!

Santino Spencer says:

Should have told the girls they can pee on you as payback, would’ve been

herbprophet says:

that girl had a nice ass.

Smooth Pranks says:

Lmfao! This is hilarious

Mugen1874 says:

take a chill pill bro

mrconor6842 says:

you guys are so nice getting the whale back in the ocean at 2:09

HipHopMusic011 says:

the blonde dude is the funniest in every video he needs to do more of the

Jimmy Wilson says:

R Kelly’s dog is at it again.

m1ll1on4r3 says:

Fat people should not wear Tangas or bikinis like that

alpha bah says:

1:30 when you skip leg day

Magic Mike says:

That guy is in public, he has no expectation of privacy. idiot


Nice original prank guys

TheKaan14 says:


Chicken What says:

Dat ass is a trash bag filled with mango pulp

DJ Miliano says:

“there is an ocean right there ” *hahahahahahahahahah*

Noah B says:

No one will try to fight you when you got that huge dog. 

عبدالله الموحد says:

I don’t understand who love dogs!

Ramin Michaels says:


jason guardado says:

I honestly don’t mind immigrants living here in the U.S, but I hate people
that live here and can’t speak English

Doug says:

That fat whale got peed on :D

Alx says:

It’s nice that you stopped with that “in the hood” kind of prank…

way better now

SiMo Rs says:

her ass gave me a reason to jerk off!

Sam McKay says:

aww i used to have a shar pei 

Dennis Juarez says:

Keep up the funny ass vidios man you guys made ma day haha xD

MsRosHD says:


Kevin Lopez says:

WTF with the last guy!! Damn

kirbythebamf says:

you guys are the best

Jesssu says:


Inline Downhill Vancouver says:

2:46 He’s angry because he enjoyed and he doesn’t want people to know. lol


that shit wass funny

jemam khamis says:

50 likes and ill shave my head 

Pound_Cake1 says:

Fuck those bitches

Undeadsnapback says:

2:06 that nasty fat butt 

H4WX3R says:

Good prank but can you do some more bathroom shit explosions?>

tretten1234 says:

I was walking my boys dog on the beach and he peed on my leg, their’s no
trees their.

RuggedALAN says:

You guys should do picking up girls muscles vs skinny part 2. and this time
dont wear those ghetto ass muscle shirts to see if it changes

math2844 says:

TA TAAA TAAA…put dat whale back in the ocean

afk lfg says:

Shar Pei x English Bulldog Mix

Heel Guy says:

Haha. Funny prank! That ass tho! I love me some chubby hoes.

Zachary Metzger says:

Last guy was butthurt!

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