Don’t Judge Too Quickly Ameriquest Commercial Funny advertisement

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Zonny-Kun says:

JAJJAJAJJAA old video but very funny 

amber M says:

Didnt understand the XXX video one and the mother in law one. Can someone

phil3587 says:

It’s a general rule… gain some knowledge before you gain an opinion! ;)

Dietmar Stumpe says:

*Ja, nee, is klar!*

Kimura K says:

It is too funny last case.

Vanessa Cruz says:


Raechelle Bobcombe says:

Last one was the best

Ania K says:

Can you post it with HD quality please? And thank you for sharing! 

Kasia English teacher says:

and what were you thinking? 

Domenico Terranova says:
Antonio Ledesma says:

This is funny!

minchen09 Park says:

Sooooo funny…:)

Antonio Ledesma says:

This is funny!

isaac alves says:

Brasileiro curti aki o

Kry CHEANG says:

I can’t catch 4.50

giovanni cafagno says:


g opz says:


Selma Kapetanovic says:


Flávio Lins Gonzalez says:
Manuel Alvarado says:

super low quality. ruins the joke

Ali Alharthi says:

and what were you thinking? 

Michael Wright says:


Rasman TV says:
ajay soni says:
BLA....BLA....BLA says:

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