Dota 2 Fails of the Week – Ep. 121

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mrPAK215 says:

It’s funny. Having Slacks on Fails of the Week is a dream come true for me.
He’s my favorite Dota 2 streamer and has made a bunch of hilarious videos.
And, yet, there seems to be a large group of people saying that it’s
somehow the worst thing to ever happen to DotaCinema.
It’s a strange juxtaposition.

Fwivo says:

“Wow these intros are absolute shit!! Better add them anyway” ~Dota Cinema

PinkMonkeyBird says:

This guys voice is SO FUCKING ANNOYING

DoTa2Play says:

*Top vengeful spirit*

Sinister says:

Верните Ривза убейте нового уебана.

Deverio says:

I dont get why soo many people complain about Slacks. Reaves wasnt THAT
funny either, especially in the last episodes with him. Must be a stupid
“i dont want change!!!!!” thing. 

Spink says:


Tun Khaing says:

I want raven back :(((((((((((((((

Juthrie says:

Reaves or un sub

Nico Canta says:

“People always complain about sniper in pubs… I just wish I would face
less void.”
Took me 5 seconds to get it.

TheCrosshare says:

It took a few episodes, but honestly i can see this duo working now. It’s
not the same as before, but it doesn’t have to be. Chemistry works and they
both bring something to the mixture.

They just need to lock Neil into the editing training cage for a few more
weeks and it’s solid :p

Kiira Kun says:

Slacks is trying so hard to be Reeves but he just cant replace him. 1
minute of silence in memory of Reeves.

Joe Nielsen says:

The only reason I even finished watching this was because I was typing this
comment. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ll look forward to this series
anymore with the loss of Reaves. Substance wise this is still the same, but
more importantly it was the comedy between Sunsfan and Reaves that I
enjoyed and kept me wanting more. Sorry, DotaCinema, but I can’t enjoy
this series anymore.

Leonardo Casagrande Rodrigues says:

Action slacks, seriously? I’m done watching fails of the week. Congrats,
sunsfan, you fucked up what used to be a good show. 

pingui says:


zeebra901 says:

where’s reaves? stfu u fuckin BR fucks

SnowSlide91 says:

I would rather listen to Synderin, seriously…

Mario Petersen says:

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Kaan Ucman says:

What happend to reaves ?

El Húsar de la Muerte says:

Why did he quit?I have heard it was because reaves slept with SunsFan gf.
Is that true?

bread_n_butter says:

Fails of the Week are getting worse by each episode, absolute turd….

TheRealDeadRock says:

The Kunkka jugg clip at 2:00 was used previously.

QNRArsenal says:

Hey guys, I’m thinking of starting a Dota 2 channel, but I want to know
what people want to see. The two ideas in my mind are a solo channel with
me learning the game or a channel with my brother playing pubs and doing
challenges. What would people rather see?

tempekrpk says:


calm your tits

Gambit Arrion says:

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Dangerous Danimals says:

People need to realize reaves is NEVER COMING BACK. Even so, I really enjoy
slacks and think he’s a great addition 

Techpriest Oni says:

Imagine how funny these videos would have been with sir action slacks and

Minecraftmonkeys says:

give reaves :<

luis flosi says:

How about we get both Reaves AND Slacks?! Best of both worlds!

Sohtaraz says:

I’m sorry but SirActionSlacks just isn’t in my opinion a good fit to the
mix. He is just too cocky and too short attention spanned. While these are
not generally bad qualities in a caster for such a show what is missing is
the main component that Reaves brought. Sympathy, everyone could relate to
him with the ‘every man’ feel while Sunsfan sounds very authoritative as
always this does not make as nearly as good mix combined with him. This is
also one of the main reasons why people like Pyrion Flax, everyone can
relate to him.

LieutenantVague says:

That’s who you got to replace Reaves?
He’s essentially the Pewdiepie of Dota; Unfunny, loud and annoying.

I’m guess I’m not watching this series any more.

Milán Fodor says:

Little gays keep crying about reaves….so boring :o …(i mean i loved him
too but cmon ….

Play Dota says:


LuCkYbOyBGrs says:

my god, this fucking retarded piece of shit IS SO FUCKING ANOYING

Jager says:

Ура! Новое видео на русском канале!

supervashj says:

Why people keep watching stuff they don’t like, this is a justin bieber

SuperAwesomeHobo says:

Fucking get rid of Neil. Every single clip they are like “man this would
have been great if Neil didn’t fuck it up.” EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Find an
editor who isn’t retarded.

Anro Mattelaer says:

I like SirActionSlacks in fails hes very sharp and entertaining. Good job
plus he sounds like a tiny robot..

andrius1994111 says:

where the fuck is reaves. I missed that guy. SirActionSlacks – sorry dude
but thing is not for you… You just sound like hyperactive kid…

Leon guo jun says:

that earthshaker tho……..

Blubbles says:

Slacks needs to be in every episode he makes it better.

Also he sounds extremely like high Jack McBrayer

Aryan Niknam says:

SirActionSlacks is fucking hilarious

Jacek Dz says:

Is this Slack above 16y old? Guys srsly. Find someone with balls or bring
back Reaves. Thx.

Mr Panda says:

If this comment section is anything to go by, 85% of Humanity is basically
pure hatred and nastiness. I’m embarrassed to share the same base DNA with
these fuckers. I’m sooo done, “Wake me up when I’m not on Pandora anymore.”

serenadingairwaver says:

you guys need to accept change. stop whining!

Gokhanius says:

fails of the week was one of my favourite videos which I was waiting them
to upload a new one every week. But this guys`s voice is destroying all
their efforts. this videos are getting intolerable

Iluv Avie says:

I rly enjoy the clip when i muted it

Nontach Thanawatyanyong says:

Bring back NEIL!

Spoink .s says:

I hate slacks hr comes and fck this show

BelkZekrom says:

Guys, adapt to changes. I like the new gjuy even more than reaves, deal
with it or get the fuck out.

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