Double Happiness slot bonus at Sands Casino

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This is a slot machine bonus win on Double Happiness at Sands Casino.

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Terence Tang says:

thats not much payment…

samsmith114 says:

they are lions’ heads! not dragons’ heads

coffEKolor says:

Down to 15c and made a major comeback!..How sweet it is! have the luck
of the Casino Gods with you!…love your vidz,they are exceptional in

T4799 says:

The big problem with this slot machine is that the substitutes tend to stay
on the last two reels which makes it difficult to win anything.

grammy4458 says:

Do you know if they have this type of slot machine in Vegas?

LibraDoll10 says:

Very Nice Win. :)

billfromwi says:

Oneida casino in green bay has this machine but in the bonus you always get
1 wild dragon… never 2…. at other casinos in Wisconsin you always get 2
wild dragons… Oneida casino always screws it’s customers…

bonusqueenDeb says:

Interesting game. Do you ever get more than two dragon heads that move
around? I have never played this. Nice bonus!!

videopappy37 says:

@bonusqueenDeb No. Only 2 dragons come out but if both dragons land on same
space you get 10x multiplier with that wild.

bonusqueenDeb says:

@videopappy37 Thanks for the reply. I will play this game when I see it. It
is interesting!

Adriane Bailey says:

SEE what I mean…. Your playin $3 bucks w/ a respend? This machine should
have at least cleared $300-$400 bucks? Great video though ~_~

Jennifer Hanson says:

Nothing like hitting the bonus on your last spin! Cool game!

jazzflyers says:

I like cheese on toast….

videopappy37 says:

@Designerdeelz It feels like you have been redeemed for choosing that game

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