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K Bramlett says:

Joe Satriani?

Brad Patterson says:

Please tell me how you’re able to get all those pop up windows to open just
by clicking Start Collect? If I do that, the program won’t work and has to
be reloaded. I have to Manually open 3 windows first and IT DOES NOT AUTO
RELOAD? I have to sit and babysit it. What am I doing wrong?

DaNy Alex says:

what if I use claming time 3 seconds? Is anything wrong with this?

MegaEmil1977 says:

the button KILL LOADING lights with me on red and if I want to click on
it’s not happened to me, I have to turn on before and if so where please.

Thanks in advance.

Cal Gary says:

When I do this, it only runs the first 100 and then stops.

Paul Gronemeier says:

I don’t know what was more moronic…the video or the music…

ehhhaBonuses says:

you will not because system need more time to find new and fresh posts

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