Drunk Fails and Unlucky People Compilation || FailArmy

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St. Patricks Day, one of the best days to capture drunk fails. At FailArmy we have one request… FILM HORIZONTALLY. Other than that, have fun. Here are the best drunk and unlucky fails in…

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portertohell neunacht says:

Drunk people are pathetic, but it’s fun watching them.

El Rocky Raccoon says:

I like to call Saint Patrick’s Day the “Natural Selection Day”. Half of
these people will end up killing themselves.

- - says:

Unscramble these words!


MilfHunter says:

this would never happen on weed.


*Tomorrow is my birthday!! FailArmy can you say to me : “Happy Birthday
Alex” ?? plz*

FailArmy says:

How will you celebrate St. Paddy’s?

Source Code says:

i HATE drunk people , BYE. (voted down u filthy pigs)

Joseph Nusbaum says:

the drunk guy in the red is a master of walking backwards… High five,

Animiles says:

Stupid people. Stupid people everywhere

Fistwagon says:

Drunk people are unfunny.

Daniel Sjödin says:

Am I the only one here that thinks its kinda pathetic when people can’t
handle their own drinking???

mrkillerjake12 says:

My Tuesday fix! I love you Fail Army!

KIRITO says:

2:02 “How is he not fallin’ ?”
“Hehehe, he’s a professional”
Made my day :’DDDD

sobgaz says:

Stupid american creatures, half drunks half thick bastards! Obama is black
holey fuck!

emiel teamsup says:

haha: bud light, americans are such pussies

Nico Sh. says:

Видео про алкашей и ни одного русского? “Разрыв шаблона” у западных

Ayman AL-shoaibi says:

This is why Islam forbade it !

aL Quarter says:

i like to eat while watching porn.. is that wrong?

Grey Buffalo says:

i’m drunk now too, so that just makes it even better

10,000 Subscribers but no vids?! says:

10,000 subscribers without video?
Help me to reach my goal !

Zerfallsgesetz says:

FailArmy you da real MVP

Lloyd Gorgeous says:


ROF 701 says:

Russians videos not often in this video. But we talking about alcohol.
Thats strange…

Derpy lizard says:

its my birthday today lol

20,000 subs with no videos?! says:

Getting a bit difficult with everyone doing this now but i only need 5k
more and i hit 20k. i wanna reach my goal with this experiment. I will be
giving this channel away at 20k i hope you help me reach it <3

Destiny Infect Gaming says:

noch mehr deutsche hier?

Drobium77 says:

Why do people keep jumping on trestle tables? A bit ‘old’ isn’t it?


Hahhhahhahahaahh first video the best in Fail army

Bob bob says:

God is not real

Domzaiver says:

For Fail Army it was a Tuesday #Salute 

nunya biznez says:

So my brother got drunk once and got in his car and drove in circles and
triangles and squiggly lines all over town then saw a cop and pulled him
over for not being drunk and said to the cop “ocifer, ocifer, I’m not a
think as you drunk I am, your under sober for being arrest.” He woke up in
jail the next morning balling his eyes out because of a moth kept making
thundering noise by flapping it’s wings around the light. He later found
out the cops found him easily because his car was the only one driving the
wrong way down the interstate upside down. We still don’t know how the car
ended upside down. 

xitrou says:

Drunk american trash. Nation of fat idiots

Jake Rewlz says:

That’s why drugs are safer..(depends) if you don’t overdose. Molly is the

RobloxianVideos says:

This is why islam prohibited drink beer or wine. Thank Allah for show me
the right path!

MrGesellenstueck says:

The true fail is the footage. Stop making vertical videos. My eyes are
arranged horizontal. 

Mr. Magician says:

Странно что видео с русски нет

FEYTH FX | Ich werde Pokemon Trainer says:

Love your videos <3

jack hartnup says:

So because it’s st Patricks day you do drunk people compilations…. When
will stupid people realise that Irish people don’t actually just drink 24/7

Karl Heinz says:

Getting a bit difficult with everyone doing this now but i only need 10
more and i hit 10. i wanna reach my goal with this experiment. I will be
giving this channel away at 10 i hope you help me reach it <3

Colican Briche says:

let’s rule the world, girls!

men are so fucking retarded, yo

Lytrigian says:

4:27 — Dog be like, “Last time they drank down a whole one of these
motherfuckers they passed out and didn’t feed me for a week. Imma KEEELL

Esmee Hulskamp says:

0:00 thats me when im not drunk

Alex Griffin says:

Why do these people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Till Lange says:

7 minutes which Show to never drink alcohol

Ayden Mather says:

2:21 are we listening to five nights at Freddy’s!?

GetRanThruHo says:

lol fucking retards cant handle their liquor. even if i drink a twelve pack
i can coordinate myself better than most people, i’m definitely still a
better driver than most

Drmusic13 says:

5:35 anything is a dildo.

Pazkizzle says:

And why isn’t marijuana legal again?

DuuBZzyy says:

Fail Army you never failed me laughing :D

Koning Voorschot says:

Hopefully you didn’t have any drink yet, FailArmy? XD

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