Epic Animal Fails

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Thalia Lara says:

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Atreyu Auryn says:

guilty dog feels guilty :(

ianchancellorable says:

#2 a big fail

Ne BiebzRocK says:

3:23 HAHA

Evan Gibas says:

lol 0:24 that cat was drunk. “hey bro watch me make this shit bro”

Ainsley S says:

The last on was cute. The dog was crying

doggieofdoom says:

Okay, on the last video…..why did the guy have cat treats, but no cats? And if he did have cats, then why were they not suspects?

Kamila Rivera says:

the cat that stood up waz halarious and it was cute when the monkey was rescued by mom or dad

ChiisaShiroOkami says:

i feel sorry for the cockatoo’s wings. O.O they look like they got ripped off. cool headbanging though.

Ryan Juctice says:

the dog!!! it was dreaming of a cat raping him!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

xlette55x says:

Lol the dog did it yea I feel bad for the cat that jumped off the roof and the dog that jumped out of moveing car other then that loved it

stephanie brown says:

i love that bird but i felt really bad for the dog!

StarSeeker94 says:

I love the parrot :) he’s so great at headbanging

luc br says:

with dog not funny

Psycous Trance says:

2:33 very funny hahaahahaah

Karl Power says:

2:49 momma to the rescue.

IncrediblyBlack ObeseMan says:

LMFAO best video ever! I love the last bit with the dog n the catfood. THis hade me lolling for about an hour. good video! :D

Mykal Brandt says:

OMG i died laughing at the last one

XerxiesLv426 says:

That last one was just sad.

Richard Aguilar says:

1:51 is cool

alberto vazquez says:

Eso no es gracioso hijo de de tu puta madreeeeeeeeee. esos dos perros del final muestra huellas de maltrato,. vas y chingas a tu zorra madre x publicar mamadas.

BasilBoss96 says:

The last video <3 <3

Kalee Schaefer says:

awwwww! the dog at 4:40 was so ashamed! what a cutie-pie!

ofdrywit says:

I think that guy at the end gets high with his pets.

Thomas Stickdorn says:

geiler papagei

cheethamchloe says:

did super cat live

Alex Shovan says:

the parrot was a win

kuba wołodko says:

WTF 1.15

katie beltran says:


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