Epic or Fail: Snowy Edition

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Will these clips end with a cheer or a jeer? Ellen and her audience placed their bets!

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Perplexity Vids says:

Was I the only one thinking… What a dead audience… :/

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Avengers? Take a look around my channel if you’d like. I’d really
appreciate it, Thanks guys!

Aaron Kuo says:

This audience is so quiet

Dooneese says:

Snowy edition? Half of them didn’t have anything to do with snow.

Camaro Man says:


Dooneese says:

The writers on this show are so creative lately.

MissKickA$$ says:

Friends you can always count them to preserve embarrassing moments on
videos :)

Sophie Luijten says:

The woman’s face at 1:48 is priceless xD

laila1989ism says:

That guy is still hanging on the basketball hoop…

Samantha says:

I love ellen but it seems like she’s getting old and grumpy. I think she’s
going to end the show soon.

Efrain Gonzalez says:

I’m waiting for this future Ellen App.. Just sayin’

Junes Surman says:

Let’s see the next one…

Lindsey Stephan says:

Where can I find a red marker that writes blue like yours?

Latecia Mecham says:

The video of the guy jumping off the cliff into the water was in twin
falls, Idaho!!! I remember that place!!! I go there all the time!

lizzette tomlin says:


igotthevibesinme says:

The audience seemed so quiet in this segment…why?

Breanna Johnson says:

Thank you Ellen for making my day

Angie Ye says:

Ten minutes later? I died at that one

Harrison Ford says:

What did the second one have have to do with snow?

The gabby egg says:

I love you Ellen 

Sophie AngelzStar says:

The face of that girl on your right at 1:48 XD

moonlightstay says:

Red marker writes blue? 

Amazing Deepak says:

Going to ellentube.com

Lola Denali says:

Ellen I love your show I really want to go to your show but I’m under age
hopefully one day I will

Meatball Wannabe says:

301 club 

Elizabeth Berry says:

22 like

Gurleen Saran says:

2 comment

TaaN- Gg says:

Add me on Kik TAAN665

Nicole Osawey says:


Tahiri Jihane says:


Pro Fangirl says:
XxcookieXx XxmonsterxX says:

Love u Ellen

just Ana says:


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