EXTREME LEVEL FAILS! (Trials Fusion Multiplayer)

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Well Internet…Sometimes you have to put up…or shut up. So the Derp Crew decided it was now a good time to try out the Extreme levels. We honestly, and more than likely, should have shut…

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BogameAOC7 says:

I love the second level. lol

*Challenge #1 – 90 degrees upward ramp!*
Chilled: Got it!
*Challenge #2 – Three difficult jumps in-a-row!*
Chilled: Did it!
*Challenge #3 – Drive into a wall and somehow appear on top of it!*
Chilled: There is no hope!

Epicsauce81MC says:

We summon +StormShaun from the depths.

Rome says:

The Nazis didn’t do anything wrong.

Axzack says:

Brace yourselves… “Inb4 Shaun” Comments are coming.

CriousGamers says:
SubparDragoon says:

I think this is gonna be the year the world ends. Because Smarty is
actually good at a game for once, it’s going against all laws of nature.

StormShaun says:

A salute to nature’s Storm.
Who gave them all suffering.
It’s sadism brings a tear to my eye.

Morgan Freeman says:

“Is Jess there?”
“She’s just hitting here laughing at us. ”

Typical Jess XD

Captain Rave Slendy says:


Chris Bello says:

Kind of getting annoyed with the political jokes. I came here to watch
smarty be made fun of not my political party be bashed

Mr.AnimeFreak says:

LOL, I find it so funny how I was playing this level earlier, and even had
to look up a guide. Still couldn’t get passed the final part xD

MrLostLink says:

There’s only so many times you can press the retry button till you have to
lie down in a corner, take a fetal position and just cry.

malus viovode says:

please play more trials. i love it when you guys play this game

tiger lord says:

At the end failure just lightly kicks his bike and he falls over.

Sagetheepic says:

smarty said he cleared the jump because he had inertia…..did smarty not
go to the 8th fucking grade?

The_one cam cam says:

That song hit number one on the playlist ;)

NakedCake says:

I don’t mean to be rude but Tom doesn’t fit in this group, he can’t replace
Ze and I miss Ze in this group :((

InsideHangar18 says:

Chilled is almost to one million subs holy shit 

The Forgetful Lion says:

pit viper for extremes m8. lmao.

reven radic says:

4:20 I remember the rock tweeting chilled (he did)
good times

natemare117 says:

How the holy hell do you go up that ramp? O.o It’s almost vertical.

Eduardo Camacho says:

Did he tell his girlfriend to download cracked steam? If so where can I get

MW2fabian says:

This game is bunny hop mastery similator. Master the bunny hop and you
master the world

Large Force says:

Chilled please stop playing extreme maps. You clearly don’t understand the
basics of the game, you stand no chance on extreme maps 

Atomsk0192 says:

Dammit chilled did hutch teach you nothing?

muserock91 says:

This is painful to watch as someone that can (close to) 0 fault these
levels :D

Hendlton says:

“Did I ever tell you… what the definition of insanity is?”

Kaneki Ken says:


TheTwistedRebellion says:

XD. I loved this series. If you guys didn’t see the old Trials vids chilled
did go check’em out.

PointlessPhobia says:

Is anyone else moving along with the bikes?

Josh Lawless says:

hey i was hearing a party talk going on #PartyWithDerpCrew XD

Sean Pipatkhajonchai says:

Lol one game glam is bad at.

xBRVTALx says:

its so painful watching them not know how to bunnyhop.

derpcrafter says:

Chilled do you guys record in the same room ??

Michael Ardizzi says:

I wanted to see their reactions on that part 

flarefinder says:

Don’t play a drinking game where you drink every time they fail. They will
get you wasted on the first level

austin born says:

ok so 2 lvls you played and each 500-Fucks thats 1,000,000,000,000,000Fuck
ups in trials fusion oh i sorry i dont do math :P

MLG Protato says:

They should show this video to sponsor donations to like a mental hospital

micia kellett says:

lol you tried..you tried xD

Steffen1611 says:

how can you do the same fucking thing for 10 minuts straight? fucking try
some other options, please dont do the same thing at every obstacle

freefire86 says:

they didn’t make it, did they chilled?

TheBhunji1 says:

Can’t believe I’m watching this a minute after it was released 

Caesar Khan says:

I really wished I could have heard Galm’s reaction to that Mitt Romney of
obstacle jumps.

Alex Gillett says:

so you get one reply from the rock and your besties?

You have gave me SIX replies on twitter
ONE on YouTube
and a LIKE on instagram!

why aren’t we besties? lmfao!

Alan Echeverria says:


Kanaly Casey says:

Am i alone in thinking “FINALLY!!! a game that Tom sucks at!”

Gage Pengelly says:

Is that Cloud City?

Henry Chan says:

I want in on this pizza party

Abyy says:

Wheres ze???

Larson Evans says:

the definition of insanity to doing something over and over a expecting
different results 

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