Free Spins Bonus from JUNGLE WILD III, a G+ DELUXE slot machine by WMS

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More at – this exclusive video from the JUNGLE WILD® III slot mahcine, a recent addition to the G+® DELUXE video slot series…

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Tuan Nguyen says:

why they dont have the demos all wild with 4x with max bet like 10k

CasinoNews says:

Nice slot!

Tuan Nguyen says:

this shit is demos

cucarrell1 says:

So I guess this type of bonus where the reels stay wild on 1 and 2 happen
about every…. oh lets say 10,000 bonuses? Because I surely havnt even
had a single bonus where they were on 1 and 2 for more than 2 spins

WMS Gaming says:

@coreye0225 – glad to hear you think so! Have you given other G+ DELUXE or
the first two JUNGLE WILD games a spin?

K Ross says:

they know this games doesnt hit like this

WMS Gaming says:

thanks for the feedback – we’ve shared with our Game Designers, and they’re
looking into changes that could be made moving forward to address that

WMS Gaming says:

@TelvaLansing – thanks for the feedback! We’re sorry to hear that the past
few years you haven’t enjoyed our games as much – do you prefer more or
less volatile gaming experiences?

WMS Gaming says:

@PimpMasterT – we’ll bring these your way as soon as possible – they may
already be live in some Canadian casinos!

Hana Snuggstaz says:

i like the games as well. I played the one with the white horse (forgot the
name of the slot) got the full screen filled with it…it was amazing

WMS Gaming says:

@MrOzlifter – thanks for the feedback – sorry to hear that you didn’t have
any luck your first time out on JUNGLE WILD III – we hope you’ll have
better luck if you give them another shot! Thanks again for letting us know
what you think of the game!


What I do not like about many of the new G+ Games is that they do not give
the huge wins to the bigger bets. You can see this in the stats. I’ve yet
to hit a win on any of these new games that was over 200x my bet. But if
you look at the stats on all of the G+ Titles the wins that are more then
300x your bet are always on max lines x1. It equates to $320 wins. 200×120
or 200 credit bet $400. The big wins are heavily weighted to the lower bets
and the Stats prove it.

RECOVERY1969 says:

I love this fantasyland bonus..I played the Jungle Wild III at the River’s
Casino in Pittsburgh, PA and every bonus I got on a $1.50 bet came in under
$10.00. Naturally the makers of this slot are going to try and entice
people by saying “Hey, big win”, but this is not typical, nor is it
realistic. WMS games are the tighest machines. I’ve been to many casinos
and it’s always the case.. especially at the River’s. I prefer IGT slots

WMS Gaming says:

@SlotNoodles best of luck! Now you know what it’s capable of!

Micki C says:

I agree with you . For every player we need few bonus and free spin to
bring us amusement. If not people would stop going to casino, because is
bore and unfair

PMT's Slot Hit's n' Stuff says:

@wmsslots oh cool. haven’t seen it yet :(

redfishplanet1 says:

GREAT WMS Slot, great returns if the cash holds out….

gh2medium says:

Is there any way to find out when new games are in Minnesota?

DenverGuy1975 says:

Looking forward to giving this a try!

WMS Gaming says:

@gh2medium – unfortunately, we do not have tracking information on games
like JUNGLE WILD III – but for some of our premium brands and games, you
can use the Slot Locator on our Facebook page to find many of our new games
at a casino near you, anywhere in the US!

Tyson Popowich says:

this is a joke the wild reels never stay on 1 and 2… nice try

strongbadable says:

You can tell this is played on a PC, nice try though

Xxsn1p3rAW says:

only to bad this never happens in real life:P can you give me a online
casino tip where they have the wms slots? that is egible for the

jonathan ryks says:

played this last nite–80 bucks in–no bonus round, sucked pretty bad in my
mind—bad 1st impression

Eric Newberry says:


nelsoncheat says:

ty for that but can i get the song at 0:55 to 1:42 ?

Vegas slot player says:

I played this game yester day and it took a long time but I finally got the
bonus (after $350) I was so excited but I noticed that except for one spin
the wild reels stayed in the last 2 rows, but I did get one spin where the
wild symbols were in the 3rd and 5th reel instead of the fourth and
fifth….total bonus win was $18….I would love it if I got five spins
with the wilds in the first two rows but it will NEVER happen outside of
the wms factory…they do make entertaining games though

WMS Gaming says:

@chaseincalgary – we hope you’ll let us know what you think if you give
these a spin!

gh2medium says:

So i should stay away from the new hole in the wall casino? lol

TourDCouve says:

Can’t wait!!!

WMS Gaming says:

@DorkVader26 – congratulations on your big win! Thanks for the feedback –
we’re glad to hear that the G+ DELUXE games are treating you well!

Linda Kennemore says:

I agree..I love to play these machines,but I will move on to another
machine if I start getting terrible bonus rounds..I hate to make a 4 dollar
bet and get 25.00 on a bounus round..Not good.

TCrump452 says:

How many credits are $100?

sgissweet845 says:

This casino is no hole in the wall casino. It is called Oneida Casino,
located in Green Bay, WI. If you are ever in Wisconsin, I advise you to NOT
play the slot machines. They are so tight it would be easier trying to
squeeze a watermelon out of a grape, lol.

CASINO WINS by Blueheart says:

its funny that all 2 random wild reels were on reel 1 and 2.. when people
actaully play they were mostly on reel 4 and 5 or reel 2 and 5.. so you end
up with nothing…. oh well… still like jungle wild generation though…


Played this Wednesday night. I had already won $3000 on an Aristocrat game.
After that I had won another $500 on another Aristocrat game. I figured I’d
put the $500 TITO into this.. Started out betting 120 credits a spin then
bumped it up to 200 and finally 400 credits a spin. I hit 5 bonus rounds
one of those 5 re-triggered. Biggest win? 2500 credits with a 400 credit
bet. The wild reels were “stuck” on the last 3 reels. The bonus rounds
irritated me so much that I cashed out and left.

WMS Gaming says:

@toukhang123 – thanks for the kind words! We’re glad to hear you’re a fan
of our games!


I had another big win on this last night. Had a good bonus round on the G+
Deluxe Vampire Slot as well.

PMT's Slot Hit's n' Stuff says:

we need a d.j to make the WMS big win music an epic house music song.

WMS Gaming says:

@sdguy1234 – not unrealistic, although it may not happen in every free spin
bonus we assure you it is entirely possible. As a mater of fact, the Top
Possible Award for JUNGLE WILD III is almost twice this much. With 2 WILD
reels on each spin in the bonus, very high wins are possible in this theme
– which is one of the things we hope players will love about it!

toukhang123 says:

@markset I have to disagree…maybe the old igt has better paytable but its
rediculous trying to get a bonus…but the new igts paytables are
rediculous…for example…black widow, goddess, wolf run 2…unless u get
stacks of 5 wilds u don’t really get anything…and the next highest pay
symbols on those machines are only .50…and to get a screen full of them
on a minimum bet would only pay u 20.00…but that’s just my opinion…

GameJ06 says:

@casinomannj Ditto on that one…. The good part… i got a CLEAN cut of
that full win music… however, i really would have enjoyed to hear that
big win > super big > mega big win cue… Hey man, when you see this at
chester, or A.C or PA, let me know. I also was noticing how on the 1st spin
with the multiple 3 of a kinds (0:22), the “Line Highlights were the “fancy
kind” but on that huge 2nd spin, the 5 of a kinds that pay 10000 credits a
line only got the “regular” line highlights (0:56)

toukhang123 says:

Can’t wait to play it…

WMS Gaming says:

thanks for the pointer! This has been updated!

lastsamweiss says:

Loved all of the jungle wild games

toukhang123 says:

I’m a big fan of wms…even when my wins are as I desire I still play their
slots cause they keep me entertained..isn’t that what slots are all about…

nelsoncheat says:

can i get the wining theme song ?

clasicrock5 says:

Why doesn’t a machine ever pay out like that for me!!!Good show!

PMT's Slot Hit's n' Stuff says:

ah the wonders of volatility….lol

cucarrell1 says:

I agree with mavikalp77. $0 bonus in this game AND ESPECIALLY Great Eagle
Returns are RIDICULOUS! I played one night at casino and hit about 20
bonuses on Great Eagle Returns and NONE were over $10 betting 80c. I have
hit 2 hand pays at this game BOTH of which I was betting 40c. The fact that
you can play and hit 20 bonuses though with each paying less than $10 and 3
or 4 at 0 is ridiculous. This Jungle Wild 3 is JUST AS BAD

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