funny accidents

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stuff that happens to retards.

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Harlemshakeoffc says:


tom lee says:

This shit isn’t even funny, it’s poor sense of humor

pigjenkins10 says:

right click
click stop download
your welcome

BoardEveryDay says:

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Nadja Carlsson says:

Omg that first one.. is he still alive or did he drive in the water.. it looked so horribal too be under water like that..

Laurie Nasher says:

3:10 and 3:38 funniest

Jeff Hernandez says:

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zer0jumps says:

Damn Pixels

valerie giselle says:

no i wont
please no more videos

Him Thapa says:

automatic MUTE…..

TheSodMusic says:

Funniest guy ever….. here /watch?v=M4V3VmChSJk

aaron roper says:

the gym one is HILARIOUS!

TMBlackCat says:

Eduardo you are a retard by your self.. fucking idiot uploader.. the videos are funny but you’re a fucking retard and I wish I could punch you in the face in real life.. stop fucking writing OWNED and FAIL like a fucking retard.. If I’ll see you in real life I will smack a brick into your face..

petarsonic2000 says:

Sweet! I’ve just received my free Riot Points!

>> <<

TheStarhacker says:

What Mario game at 1:40

ezmeer94 says:

3:13 LOL stupid cop hahaha

Ankyt Sharma says:

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Benny Rage says:

watch this funny video on wildlife


ImaDope123 says:

Yes, yes it is sir

chris hyes says:

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Dragan Stol says:

Best way to fun:

D3athByKittens says:

adding “OWNED!” and “FAIL” to grainy clips of the mentally impaired doesnt make them funny

Angie Nguyen says:

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openfortunecookie says:

really funny

thein winnaing says:

it’s not funny

ali akram says:

btw which song is it??

REDSKINrey says:

tell me what fights those was

Niyas Lanka says:


Georgie Payne says:

that 2nd one is soooo sad :(

Guille Giraldi says:

left click on video & select “stop download” ;)

Rachel Waye says:




Tommy Rydle says:

3:00 OUCH

eero150 says:

0:44 no fucks given

chelsea crisant gunawan says:


sAlainVideos says:


MTFAZ22 says:

Like if the thumbnail brought you here.

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Ahmet Tunca says:


dragonpoker1980 says:

Do people get paid for saying “Funniest channel YesFunnyYes”?
I see it on every funny video I watch

NinjaSpy30009 says:

This sucked dude..

2233VancouverCanucks says:

All the “fail” and “owned” was unnecessary and annoying.

cvthirty says:

anyone else have to mute this video to watch it

weentolentino08 says:


nal619 says:

love your channel :)

thetruthhurts122245 says:

By far the funniest channel YesFunnyYes :)

TheDude10992 says:

Love your funny channel YesFunnyYes.

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