Ghosts Infected Bloopers! – “iSTAY ALiVE” #41 (Call of Duty: Ghosts Gameplay)

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EliteShot says:

Hope you enjoyed the Ghosts Fragback gameplay! :)
What do you want to see next? Give me suggestions!

EliteShot says:

Fragback Friday – Ghosts Infected Gameplay!
Make sure you watch till the end for BLOOPERS. xD

EliteShot says:

1080p60 should be available soon, hang tight!

MsBlackOps says:

Late upload? What kind of madness is this?! D: lol

EliteShot says:
George Washington says:

Want to hear a joke? CoD Ghosts. :)

Ashley Darling says:

Hey! Can you do Call of duty: Black ops next?

Fionn Doherty says:

My favourite is COD Ghosts

GamingbearHD says:

I dont see anything wrong with COD GHOSTS, I really like the game. 

Danielle Rubillo says:

Ummm… Who else saw that guy go flying to the side at 14:47!!?? lol :)

Shrek Salad says:

Ghosts Infected was one of my favorite game modes ever. AW Infected is
ruined because of the Exo Suits and map exploits. It’s impossible to play
as an Infected when the Spike Drone is impossible to hit anything with and
the Survivors move just as fast as you :(

Rachael Chasteen says:

GHOSTS :) favorite game 

Nemesis says:

Still my favourite YOUTUBER <3 I remember back in the days of mw3 that you
replied to my comment i almost pooped my self

Raymond killsburg says:

Combo breaker is from Mortal Kombat

Girls Love Gaming says:

I Love ghosts! I don’t know why people hated on it so much? :)

pspslimhacks says:

Like for Modern Warfare 2

o Extreme Gaming o says:

Do you have PS4?

Jaberdi Jama says:

88th comment…!!!!?!?…

GOOFY says:

It wasnt so favorited because of sniping aspect of the game.

kutalp büyükoztürk says:

Wow you really tried so much but nice gameplay as always

Alex Mallory says:

SBMM sucks dick in AW

CW Gaming says:

Elite shot could u pls reply to me

Why was cod ghosts bad?

I thought it was good

Norris Sylliboy says:

That feed thou! Btw Shawn how do you choose your own perks?

Sateki Aholoka says:

I like how Eliteshot just completely changes people’s ideas about cod
Ghosts in the comments section but I’m sticking to that Cod Ghosts Sucks
and that’s just my opinion :)

Golden Moose says:

Do cod4 on the map shipment next fragback friday please

Hunter Perdue says:

I loved ghost advanced warfare sucked worser than cod 3 black ops2 the best

Wesley Zhang says:

bitch ass nigga

Tωιxʏ ♣ says:

I love “Throwing Knives” imao

Alex Duncanson says:

Dat rage quit though 

Bladed Wingz says:

Watching the legendary elite shot is funnerer 

Quick Scopes says:

Only 360p

Issac Mora says:

I honestly hate this game but I enjoy watching you play it, don’t know how
thats the case

kez eve says:

combo breaker is for killer instinict sorry for my spelling

Ra'Meil Morgan says:

I just liked the vid and it went up to 667. I thought about it and I
realized that someone not sure who had to like the number 666. I feel for
whoever had to do that. You must have bad luck right now XD

KrathozsGFx says:

17:45 x) rage instant :D

bryan pereda says:

Bo2 pleas

EyeStaR Gaming says:

Seems like EliteShot has more control over his rage…I completely lose it.

Josip popović says:

Ghosts infected best dude , do more ghosts SHAWN and i think your cat
(Louie) is OP(Over Powered) :D

Bradley Melendez says:

Stop going were nobody goes if u are in a group the y can protect you!!!

hadar Eliyahu says:

ו should have wrote rage instead of bloopers:)
that video was funny:)

Lazaro Castillo says:

Ironically As I just started watching this video I got into an Infected
Match on Freight with the PDW

Brandon Thompson says:

Good try Shawn getting better mate keep it upppp 

Elite Dreams says:

I’m surprised you didn’t throw your controller :) *You squeezed the heck
out of them though*

wei kang says:

i really dont know why everybody(not literally everybody) hates ghost. its
one of my top cods

Robbie Reid says:


Larry Stanner says:

Nice, I actually like ghosts. So im happy for this 

Jaiden Frankopoulos says:


oscar ulises esquivias perez says:

Lets go!! Keep on doing this videos for ghosts please ! :)

Kevin Pearson says:

+EliteShot The “CCCCCCCOMBO BREAKER” was from Killer Instinct for SNES.
Solid, SOLID reference.

alex alexsantos says:

Freaking awesome bro love all your vids ^^

You should have more sub’s than Ali a all he does is reverse boost -_-

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