Girl Fail Compilation April 2013 (NEW Epic Hot Girl Fails)

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figgywurmack says:

no u missed my point… im not saying hes taking clips from other peoples videos and compiling them (that is how u make a fail compilation) im saying hes just taking other peoples fail videos and re-posting them

prankman44 says:

3:25 HAAA

umfoofoo89 says:

Well duh! How else do you think you make a fail compilation!

TheGungunnerson says:

0:23 faceplant !!!!!

figgywurmack says:

all your videos are just other peoples videos re-posted

goomba1982 says:

3:00 I didn’t know cows could ride each other

cody tucker says:

I thought it said “hot girls”, not “children”

wwwskoci says:


mackcastillo8 says:

The other one ws kim kardashian ryt. The one where someone poured some sort of powder on her?

Brandon Navarro says:


Hector Sejas says:

Hahahah the one before the last 1

Gatosek xP says:

Heh 7.31 Polish :**

victor0wnzFTW says:

I love that part when the girl fails ;D

GeeWizx00 says:


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