Girl Smashes Face On Escalator | Epic Fail

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When you’re young, you’re full of bright ideas. That’s when this young girl decided to slide down an escalator to get down faster. Unfortunately she didn’t take into consideration how it would…

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JukinVideo says:

For those worrying about her, she’s fine! She was laughing about the whole
thing and actually gave us the “ok” to put it up on the site. So feel free
to laugh. 

Lil Sokz says:

well that ESCALATED quickly.

JT Slev says:

Who’s the bigger idiot?
The girl who face planted the glass? or,
The girl recording in Vertical Mode?

Nate Meyer says:

Yup and guys are still the only gender that’s idiotic

Sufi Naqshbandi says:

Recorded by a chipmunk 

Dark Time says:

Well, On the positive side. That does look like fun

Cadde says:

Why oh why didn’t she break her neck? And why oh why didn’t the giggling
whore behind the mobile phone who filmed vertically get charged with
manslaughter in that same incident?
The vertical filmer should get 5 years for attempted manslaughter and the
death penalty for filming vertically.

Morgan Handley says:

She should’ve broken her neck. She could’ve stayed there twitching and this
video wouldn’t have gotten this many views…

Andrew says:

well that ESCALATED quickly.

Семён Мигов says:

i imagine if it was somebody heavier and break glass with the face ^_^

Aleksandar Georgiev says:

It ain’t easy to be an idiot.

9tokh says:

that fearless girl must suck dick like theres no tomorrow

Plague Doctor says:

Holy fucking shit she is lucky she didn’t break her neck.
How are people so stupid that they can’t even see the fucking obvious
consequences of their actions? What on fucking earth did she think would
This is very different to other clips, like stunts gone wrong or something.
This could not have ended any other way.

AK74SU100 says:

That girl died from serious concusion later on that day . Who is laughing

JukinVideo says:

When do you make that face?

edog Here says:

Love the part when she takes of. That’s hilarious 

Mrvideosandgames says:

Even though she should’ve gone feet first, whoever decides to put plastic
at those places is an idiot.

GamerStuff says:

Natural selection at its finest…

Logan Hanna says:

one of my favorite songs comes to mind: “If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta
be tough”

Ibrahim Bedwan says:

Wen she hit her face on impact it sound s like the gta sa shout gun going

MarrickFait says:

Like, what the fuck did she think was going to happen? Fuckin’ Dolphin Dive
over that? 

Facundo Villegas says:


Bambi600 says:

Looked like something from loony tunes! XD

Dev D says:

I am sure she ran because of the embarrassement .. ha ha ha

a_traktor13579 says:

the picture to open the video looks so derpy

Rocky Barrett says:

I can’t tell u how fucking annoying that girls laugh was

niko lind says:

Her friend sounds like to be broken.

Faylum1 says:

Fat people don’t like stairs..
.. specially ones that want to be your friend.

Brian Nielsen says:

Damn, that laugh is unbearable..

Shahaaim Ali says:

Life is hard when you’re an idiot.

Samuel Bengtsson says:

That laugh is so fucking annoying!

Hammersteyn says:

Look at the otter slide! :D

ryan Petty says:

how’d she not break a finger or two

SENji045 says:

what is she thinking anyway?

fetullah ydz says:

Pup humps yo momma.

Michael Duvenhage says:

She could have broken her neck! Not funny at all!

Edson Cuevas says:

She can smash her face on my dick

Forest Settin says:

Just like a dog, i now understand why they are refereed as bitches now

eknath ghate says:

Ricardo don’t try this.

MacNickPro says:

Se il vetro si fosse rotto sarebbe morta

CsFF4U says:

*Lucky* to be walking

Dr. Schultz says:

What a shame. With a little more speed she could have been a serious
candidate for the Darwin award.

Marvcohen says:

Good thing she used her face as the brakes
Probably practice by walking into some trees and buildings at full force

HeyImVision says:

made my day

Anth888ya says:

maybe next time she should use the <———— Stairs

Ron B says:

This is by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Is this girl
mentally retarded. ?

Boxhawk says:

Whoa, doesn’t this girl know that only boys can make dumbasses out of
themselves on YouTube?

OriginalCrazyBonez5 says:

I’d hit it 

Bluez Dragonfly says:

I was expecting for her to crash on the door too XD

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