Giving Cops A Buzz! – PRANK

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For April Fools day this year we went out and made cops Smile More! Please Share this video with some friends and smash that Like Button for us:) Follow Roma…

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Logan Pierce says:


Jordan Yee says:

1:06 the guy walking by is smoking the wrong end hahahaha

TokerLoko says:

Fuckin Sheriff lol akward silence for like 5 secs ahaha what a piggy!!

PicnicModz says:

Yup, because 1 person says that now 300,000,000+ are worried too..

thoseweirdpeoples says:

How do you record from 1st person without the knowing?

innos10 says:

0:13 she’s so hot

Elias Harlow says:

Are you being funny.

rontayan says:

Survey Says:  Black Cops, WAY COOLER than White Cops.

superbad1331 says:

She definitely said day

Itazura960 says:

1:50, always has to be that one dick cop. Then you get the decent cops at the end.

HeartsAgainstRobots says:

White cops are assholes hitass007 says:

black cops so nice .white cops assholes

chrisiscool06 says:

She said have a good day. She has a Southern accent

uberzgaming says:

00:40 haha funny

Isaac Phillips says:

Arrested! lol 

Killer34073 says:

the police man at 0:39 xDD Kind regards from germany Roman ^^ 

Jesse Spak says:

how many beers you got on video lmfao

Jesse Spak says:

you be driving get pulled over ask the cop if he wants a little buzz pull out buzz light year

mitch FOSTER says:

Being safe is very important for police officers, Especially since an officer was just shot in Boston. Nothing wrong with Americans.

mellegasalsexo says:

Americans are so worry about someone shooting them, I guess they know most of the world hate them… their government I meant

Accousticu says:

Whats wrong with americans. instantly thinking everyone wants to shoot them.

Misercz says:

0:56 & 1:05 Best laughs ever! =D

ThatScottishGuy2010 says:

“i thought you were about to pull something out and shoot me”


jake rockeman says:

2:48 LOL hes ready to drink on the job

Trevian Steward says:

The black cops were cool, the white cops were about to arrest him. Well some of them.

Juan Carlos Barradas says:

I didn’t understand, what do you say instead Buzz, or what is the meaning of it in the april fool’s day???

German Aguila Wilder says:

like best moment in the internet so far

German Aguila Wilder says:

ROfl 1:05

MrBearsboy28 says:

Can you guys please check out some of my prank calls and let me know what you think? Thank you.

NAMEMaxmam says:

มาเล่นแบบนี้กับตำหรวดไทย โดนตบคว่ำอ่ะผมว่า

LPTVpranks says:

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Akram Mohammed Takalah says:

I bet those 2 cops at 1:45 had no idea who is buzz and toy story, so they had that stupid showoff reaction.

Alejandro Borjas says:

1:30 wooah woah woah woah best cop ever

fatboy19831 says:

Very Funny.

Castiel Collin says:

i luv 0:40

Darwin Carbajal says:

:40 You would not want to be stopped by that cop.

Baddas Theo says:

0:41 to 0:46 best moment ever

trotanium13 says:

0:40 THAT cop is in bad mood

ZealoProjectHD says:


willchee1993 says:

This guy has the biggest balls man.

LivingGhost21 says:

I love watching cops laugh, how they can take a good joke. Unlike some other cops, who take it way too seriously.

innos10 says:

 1:50 what did she say?

innos10 says:

what did she say?

Sirre50 says:

All they do is eat donuts so.

Tony Tiger says:

whats the point of being a cop if ur so fat? the only use u are to american is for Being a human shield.

sam s says:

@ 1:40 Since when did Missy Elliot become a officer?

Oreonstar41 says:

0108 so handsome cop!!!

itshg0 says:

best one.

Ronald Lay says:

officer telling him to play with kids? lol

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