GTA 5 BIGGEST FAIL EVER? & GTA 5 PC Gameplay Trailer Coming Soon! (HD 60FPS)

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GTA 5 BIGGEST FAIL EVER? & GTA 5 PC Gameplay Trailer Coming Soon! (HD 60FPS) – GTA 5 Online & GTA 5 Gameplay! Enjoyed the video? Subscribe: ▻ Follow Me On Twitter: …

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melle ouwens says:

Sick Intro Bro:-))))))

Smeck™ says:

Yeeoooo, this dude looks like Mia Khalifa with short hair, lol.

iCrazyTeddy says:

GTA 5 BIGGEST FAIL EVER? & GTA 5 PC Gameplay Trailer Coming Soon! (HD

parsu ghimirey says:

iCrazyTeddy looking like Horse and Rockin that gay glasses clasic :)

marcel decoteau says:

you look pale and tired as fuck

ProfessorGamer says:

PS3: Umeed_E13

Im looking for a HOTKNIFE

Ive got 3 garages full of modded and rare cars including the roosevelt and
funeral car

Add me only if you have HOTKNIFE

Daniel Gonzalez says:

Declan`s laugh was amazing

ToxicAlien says:

Omg! Declan’s laugh! Priceless

SScooper45 says:

Your character was already black.

Thomas says:

you know what they say once you go black you never go back

Evil Triumph says:

At least you put “Coming Soon”, unlike lispy jimmy who only wants views!! 

Hexatious says:

You look high asf!

Tomlinson123 says:

Your a peice of crap 

Al3xCraft says:

Est-ce que tu parles français ?/ Do you speak french ? 

Anthony Antz says:

Lol he looks like mia khalifa 

100,000 Subscribers without Videos? says:

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Batpug Wayne says:

How do you get the cop outfit????

tabish khan says:

Why do you still have an christmas hat on your profile picture

Najib Yagubi says:

Na your was character was black befor u changed ur outfit
See your amrs!

Yolanda Ledezma says:

Teddy u better fucking reply,do u play ps4 or xbox1?

Projects City says:

I love these videos. sadly i never get noticed tho. maybe some day

I'm Crazey says:

You look 12 and have just lost a subscriber 

jamesayy power says:

That intro tho, so unexpected

sillas kolind says:

Først like!! BTW is there a way to make a lot of money fast om GTA on the

Vito T says:

Teddy how do u get the police uniform

Chris Crump says:

When GTA V PC comes out, the console versions will become obsolete 


Vaginal Crease

owen pollard says:

Omg what a great and funny vid icraztted that laugh cracked me up keep up
the great work you’re doing a fab job 

Tyler Miller says:

Intro song? Please not da rude sandstorm

Jake Taylor says:

Teddy if u can will u play with me my grandma died of cancer in 360 my name
is country boy57 I’ve seen all your vids and could you sub to me Jake
Taylor blow up

FridgeBeast says:

I hope they have an over the top key binding function. So instead of the
gun wheel we could press 1,2, or 3 for pistols or keybind 1 to shotguns or
smgs. ( And if you wanted a different a different gun of that same type you
press that key binded number again ) Example: 1 pistol… 1 again for
different pistol… etc. 

kareem qassim says:

Hey Teddy!Love your vids!Please reply!#AskTeddy

Matthew Villasenor says:

I support you teddy but I feel like you don’t need to use a face cam every
single video and I also feel like showing your face has changed the way you
make your videos so hope you don’t to addicted to the face cam 

predatorpandemic says:

G&g hiiii

Jordan stilsby says:

Biggest fail on your part if you look at the first outfit his arms were
already black he didnt change colour when you choose the police uniform

Mohamed Aku says:

Teddy rockstar let me change my character becase he turned black so try to
send a ticket


Bro funny lol black teddy hey u should like start a he series like funny
moments with us friends 

Knifesty says:

April fools where I live.

Lucas Balint says:

My characters turning black too and I saw the whole Jesus thing its so


Are you gypsy?

TheFunnySmiley says:

Hey guys whats up its Mia Khalifa

Mohammed Ali says:

Well at least the color of his character matches his ps4 

FatNoob says:


minea coles says:

I was playing a heist with a friend and she had a black character but all
through the heist her character was white for me.

andrew mccoy says:

If you look at his character arm his character wasn’t never white

calebplays says:

Your racist

James Bassett says:

You look like you need to sleep. You should relax for a day.

nehemiah allen says:

Once you go black you never go back 

Emily Costner says:

If anyone knows does the bike flying glitch work

Sean says:

Ahahahahahaha u look like a fag hahahahahahaha

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