GTA 5 Online Heist TOP 5 Fails! Crazy Kills, Deaths & Glitches (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

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GTA 5 Online TOP 5 Fails Crazy Kills, Deaths & GTA 5 Glitches (GTA 5 Funny Moments) – GTA 5 Online & GTA 5 Gameplay! Enjoyed the video? Subscribe: ▻ Follow Me On Twitter: …

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Lindsey Smith says:

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*All This Are Fr?e To Get Them , Get Now Faster*

omgurheadsgone says:


Kasper Christensen says:

hey teddy for some reason every lobby i join at all the apartments the buy
signs are freaking out there is hundreds of them laying on the ground

fireonthemountain1776 says:

I need people to play heists with me on Xbox one. Send me a friend request.
Gamertag: Skynyrd Lynyrd

andreas aristidou says:

Everyone go on the Rockstar games forums and search ‘the los santos
lowlife’ and like it if you want to see hydraulics in the game. I
personally took the time to write it for the online community so if you are
in favour of real lowriders being in the game then please go and get it

lion JUDAH says:

Does any one else see Christmas trees in front of there apartment.?

Jake Thompson says:

Gta heist crew: need two more people to join us we are on xbox one my gamer
tag is: Hexerzz

iCrazyTeddy says:

GTA 5 Online TOP 5 Fails! Crazy Kills, Deaths & Glitches (GTA 5 Funny

Chris Stabber says:

Is nos in freemode with this motorcycle too? (Princepe electo)

Frank Doge says:

Hey. I’m looking for someone who can play the heists on hard to earn the 10
million dollars. I’m on PS4.
Mic would be good.
No under level 90.

Evert says:

Who wants to play heists right now? (Im leader) add me on xbox 360:
koelkastmagn33t, im level 181

JordanOrJordz says:

You should see the weird shit in my games, unfortunatly i dont record them

TrueJGaming says:

hey teddy, i was thinking of sending you some clips because i have a ton of
them saved on my console but, can i commentate over since there is no
audio, or should i just send it raw.

Sage Korimodei says:

Hi I Got A Dig Bick

You That Read Wrong

You Read That Wrong Too

Adam McMillan says:

Ok wish j recorded itchy we were on the end of the prison heist parachuting
and my friend hits a rock and dies and we had to start over again

Quezwright says:

Can someone help me with heist i don’t have anybody to play with on ps4

keenan7434 says:

The last one is Mr.BossFTW video,he was doing a race on one of his videos
and this happened to him

Jeff Ferrari says:

Please a video of how much a savage ,valkarie etc is worth

Eetu Makkonen says:

Umm… Number 1 is number 5? #Teddylogic

santana ovando says:

[I swear on my mothers grave that i will like this comment]

Gershom Penugula says:

If you guys want to become popular in the gaming category in YouTube like
the other gamers you have to follow a Twitter account @am_popular
We will do team work together and get popular together! We’ll creat some
funny moments, races, missions and lots of fun and put them on YouTube 

C4MP says:

Hey if anybody needs somebody to play heist add me richardobitts is my psn

Nick Meyers says:

That’s noahj456’s intro

WorldTime23 says:

Omfg, I was doing prison break. WE HAVE DONE SO GOOD!!!!! BUT FREAKING

MelonGaming says:

*M8 Go from 5 to 1 LIKE SO TEDDY CAN SEE THIS*

Ryan Reed says:

Need GTA5 heist crew for xbone my gt is X SilentJ0ker X only need three
people must have mic and level 50 or higher

cemhan ödemirci says:

I was doing heist and I got trapped by christmas trees and it was all
glitchy :ps3 public heist

JP Assassin says:

Hi teddy can u do a video on your set up for recording and how much it
costs and things like that so then we can see what u use and what is the
best to get because I’m thinking about becoming a YouTuber my self plz do
this many thanks jpassassin. 

INSTANTxKARMA Gaming says:

Can we send any kind of clip or just fails? I have an epic sniper shot I
want to send in

Leo LP says:

I also had the Number 3 and 1 Spot but I didn’t record it

Gabe Boles says:

Same thing happens to me

Gtaivfan1000 says:

looking to play the Humaine Research Lab Heists from including all setups,
invite me xbox one JGordonisone thx

Aaron Warner says:

I need help on heist i am on the ps4 

Γιωργος Μανουσαριδης says:

Anyone who wants to do a heist with me???
PS3 gamertag:g21_007

Epicninja36019 says:

Made a youtube channel, should be uploading game play and funny moments
soon. I made an intro so if anyone wants to check that out that’d be great.

lauryn cook says:

Can you help me please. I need to make money on gta5 xbox360 name is

The Greek Man says:

add me on xbox one Psycho Starfish we can play gta 5 heist together 

DipierroProductions says:

teddy, does it need to be from new gen? I have a nice clip from last gen

zuhaib waqar says:

Anyone wanna do heists right now PS3 add me my psn is ZuhaibWaqar 

John Blank says:

I Need A Heist Crew
Xbox (TheBEAST1923)
-Must Have Mic

OpticalSquad says:

An body wanna play heists for Xbox 360 add me Lukman1234

Blahz says:


johnathan galarza says:

I need a heist team anyone? So I can finish the criminal mastermind

Charlie Monk says:

No1 happened to me but I didn’t record it

marisol luis says:

Im looking for two players to play heist on ps3 im on the humane labs raid
gamer tag marisolyjuan

chris olsen says:

Why the Fuck did you get in 3rd:/ thats happens to a lot of people you

Zenco says:

Omg! I’m so early!!

Alan Tagle says:

Put clips of other people not only yours

Professor_Crimson says:

Hey teddy, you should call this series “this week in gta online”

Russian Scoot says:

Watched an ad
missed it
so good i refreshed the page just to see it instead of the video

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