Hairline Fail! Goldeneye 007 (Old School)

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Old School Goldeneye 007 Gameplay on the N64! ▻ Subscribe Now! – ▻ Subscribe to My 2nd Channel! – Follow me! • Twitter –…

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xChaseMoney says:

To the new guys joining the family. We only have one rule on this channel.
Don’t be an asshole.

xChaseMoney says:

Hairline Fail! Goldeneye 007 (Old School)

ByVaria says:

This must be 4k graphics right here.

Nick2Quick says:

You need to to try and play that Superman game that was on 64 lol

RCurtis777 says:

A moment of silence for everyone who got beasted by odd job…

Preston Jackson says:

Daaaamm this game bro!! Me and my cousins used to go hard on this shit…
That golden pistol tho..

Kj Anderson says:

Niggas gon have the game running in the background just so they can spit a
bar to the watch on Bonds wrist!

$UBJECT says:

Odd Job was that nigga

Salsa Ruiz says:

How bout you make this a series??? You gotta make a N64 game a series…
It’s so many classics and this is a classic! 

Ky Draten says:

Wait one minute wait one mothafuckin minute! How u gon have an afro samurai
shirt on if u far from havin an afro!

AfriqanSimba says:

Bruh! you should play 007 Nightfire …or Blade on ps2

Dek Quiet says:

Any driver games for your old school games (suggest Driv3r) .

djoc417 says:

Chase tried to give out tips like brethems still out here playing GoldenEye

TitoOfficial says:

This game is the shit! Even if all the heads and faces look like they were
failed abortions. 

Angel Boricua says:

Bruh for a minute I thought I was watching an episode of the A team with
all of the shots sound effects 

Newyorkgamer says:

I sub to you cuz you playing old school 

Deva Station says:

Dam man this was that game back in the Day I miss this game. Anybody
remember that Golden Gun. And Thanks Chase.

NikoRavage says:

This game is a classic! The first shooter I ever played. Split screen
multiplayer on there was fun as hell 

Tyler Edwards says:

+xChaseMoney i aint gon lie that beat was goin hard.

Yung JRaw says:

3:40 Chase got hit with 1 of them call of duty spawns.

Kickzilla says:

This game running at like 10 fps, shit’s extra cinematic…

Grand Master Bushido Brown says:

Chase what you know about, Afro Samurai??

stanley hayes says:

The tomb raider where you can lock the butler in the meat locker

LFxzCrEaTiioNz says:

XIII on the Gamecube or PS2

James Roy says:

@7:27 10 points for gryffindorrrrrr

DaeQuon Baskin says:

Do def jam icon please 

Genuinebaldskin Senior says:

damn me and the whole fam was on this back in day

The salty potato says:

Lost it at “OpTic Brethem”

Da Negro Ninja says:

Bruh yous got to play dat crash bandicoot tho…

MH| Arimor says:

Oddjob? ODDJOB?
Siberian Special Forces is the best model in the game.

Lucaas Quaresma says:

Sup chase

Jovon delahoussaye says:

Classic game. I use to play the shit out of this game 

Pierre Bell says:

yo play that old school smackdown on the psx or that diddy kong racing

He Said says:

Goldeneye! Yes Sir! This is a classic, what got me into video games.

Quincey Hall says:

I have this game for the Nintendo 64. Damn good memories.

Danyael Pridemore says:

8:29 And the award for Best hairline goes to… That random scientist with
the horseshoe piece.

J B says:

The Wu Tang game on Ps1 

Dominic Chase-Griffith says:

I think this would make a good walk through if you ever got the chance to
do it 

Kia Stylez says:

you should totally play GTA 1 for the PC. cool throwback game.

Tesean Howard says:

A old school game I think u should try out is Matrix reloaded 

Mike Hardy says:

Lol. Classic ending.

play Ready 2 Rumble. A Little Boxing sounds good.

Tristan Robinson says:

Bro this is a reallllll classic, I still play from time to time. Started
playing this when I was like 5.

Pez Trosper says:

My boi chase said “bill nye you betta get yo dumbass outta here” XD

King Raw says:

You gotta play some crash bandicoot my nigga

jdadream1 says:

Hip Firing for the Winss! Lookin like Tony Montana out there brotha Chase

CJ Rodriguez says:

Yo chase, play an old MK or old fighting game, that, would be auite the
sight right der…bars yo, lmao.

LILRO4sho1 says:

Chase is a freakin fool lmao, good video brethems and that beat tho lol 

Almighty Quan says:

Anybody notice the dude before he died he said Grifindor

Tamarian Torns says:

Chase fuck with that Afro Samurai
I wanna see you rage on that shit

iiHood says:

This guy really pulled up the watch to hear the beat. Im done lmao.

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