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eddie rodriguez says:

too damn funny got to do more video like this

AndrewsSecrets360 says:

When he was trying to talk to his stepdad and he couldnt stop lauhing is when I lost it lol

SlazerFis says:

God damn!!! LOL

TheKauzinhavok says:


Nakhot says:

Kyle why dont you come to Sweden and make some pranks over here .
all over the places… give me a message bro we will sittle up.

NekoTehCatz says:

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Justin L says:

this was stupid you could have gotten shot

TheSuperNarwhalrus says:

Your poor dad… Still pretty funny though.

raymond gruce says:

Haha mike was black

jokerevilclowns5 says:

This was actually very funny.. I would like too see more :p

Billy Moua says:

Lmao “Jim Sorry”. Kyle’s actually apologizing.

Angel Valdovinos says:

it could have been longer

maskedhood102 says:

Do moreee¡!!!!!!!!””!”

Gaige Saunders says:

He’s trying to talk but he can’t

ryryebread says:

That was awesome

Giovanni Spada says:

that was priceless! keep up the good work.

ImScrubzYo says:

Wow bro loved it lol

Trip4DazE says:

Lol too funny!

lovebugac19 says:


bulletprooth says:

I’d hate to do this in ”murika, lots of guns.

Tommsta188764 says:

There was like 6 cameras he put a lot of effort into this

Jerrod Williams says:

do some more funny kid on black ops 2.

MrSamoannn says:


TheTratedGamR says:

if u want to join pm me!!!!

SpliffCaniff says:

you deff shoulda kept it going for atleast another 10 seconds.

devh12 says:

Best vid yet

frankie41491 says:

Better than Pranked!

cabralesmj5 says:

Lol he was maad when you told him it was a prank lmao

OhhJinxed says:

man jim would have kicked his ass lolz

jumpinOverUrMom says:

jim had walk it off

SirKnight Dorian says:

o it was mike nvm

SirKnight Dorian says:

was that marvin?

SkatenessdaGreatness says:


MichaelG99864 says:

glad you’ve started this, the chatroulette stuff is getting stale

VerticalLimit917 says:

MrTechnicalDifficult is doing real life pranks? FUCK YEA! I think it’s a great idea and this was an awesome start, Look forward to seeing more real life pranks from you.

calmdownbro100 says:

Lolz i loved it

Madden5Points says:


Steve Glasfurd says:

nice but do more hooker pranks again lol

poke920able says:

Do more

TheTratedGamR says:

Hi I’m thetratedgamr and I was wanting to do a YouTuber parody where a hole bunch of youtubers join together and make a parody hit me up with a pm if interested Thx.

ebracero15 says:


miniman9775 says:

Yo guys check this beastly Halo Sniping /watch?v=GxbkZls6FTI

xXAd33l96xX says:

lol moreeee

AndrewAndAhmed says:

Shit mike hoped that fence like he was used to doing it

TheWZZRD says:

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I upload HD videos 1-2 times a day, so I’m very active :)

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If you wanna? see some new stuff give me a try :)

Thanks and see you there, sorry if I offended anyone :)

jswope32495 says:

He was so angry. Lol

Darius Williams says:

He was gone he wasn’t catching him

Jake Lawrence says:

25k likes? Piss off lets try get 40k!


“no offense bu you get a black guy to do it as well” – XD

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