Homeless VS Rich Prank!

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EDM XERO says:

2:40 “You guys didn’t want to eat me”

JoshPalerLin says:

I’M BACK :) Hope you guys enjoyed this video and please share it with your
friends! Love you fam!!

nickikz says:

Be fucking honost do you want smelly guy sitting next to you while eating
?? I don’t think so 

littlewag7 says:

This is dumb as fuck, and I’m going to be pissed if this becomes a viral
It’s a fancy restaurant, they don’t want dirty people in dirty clothes in
there, not because you’re homeless.
Think of it like a night club, if you walk up in high white socks, short
shorts, and a belly shirt, you aren’t getting in the club because of how
you look, and because the majority of people would not like you to be there.

Also, way to be a douche with the Ferrari clip at the end.

NonameSays Tv says:

До свидания? JoshPalerLin видимо не в курсе, что в России все давно
говорят: =ЧАО, ПОКА=

Eden Gilady says:

i would do the exact same thing…the restaurant owner worked hard to make
his place famous and have a good reputation and i wouldn’t let someone
that’s smells the dead cat and looks worse to enter my restaurant with well
dressed people that just blend in with each other. it’s really just
business and that’s never going to change.

DamnDood says:

run out of ideas faggot?

Isaac Ch says:

See it, and judge for yourself.

Homeless VS Rich Prank!: https://youtu.be/ohx9_EfaaR4

brettvett1 . says:

Is that the car he bought with all his donation money from Thomas?

Remi Greatens says:

Well technically in one of the restaurants they didn’t refuse him eating
there, they just wouldn’t let him do it inside where it’s probably
luxurious and clean. Which is a 100% logical assuming he is probably dirty.
Other people will take his seat and to be honest I personally wouldn’t like
to sit in the place that he or a homeless person sat. I ain’t trying to be
mean or downgrade their existence, if anything I know couple of homeless
people around my block that I always help em or act friendly around them,
anyone who previously owned or still owns a dinning place or something
similar probably understood my point of view.

Peace out fella’s! ✌️

Mn Gs says:

I love his Lamborghini i liked video and subscribed because of his car
and i agree with him

rtrain67 says:

I would go back all dressed up, sit down inside and shit my pants and just
keep eating while they try to figure out who stinks.

FunnyPranks | SimpleTV says:

That homeless video made him rich. Looks like it’s back to make homeless
videos. Call yourself HomelessLin for even more views bruh!!

Senthil Kumar Devaraj says:

This is really Perfect Way to Knock them back…. Salute For You…

OjibwaSoldier says:

I’m sure this happens in heaven opposite from what happens on earth.

barba negra says:

Why would a homeless guy go in a fancy restauraunt

DeShawn jones says:

Restaurants have some type of dress code.dumbass ChiNese faggot go back to
the factory and make my Jordan’s

JMR3006 says:

You should of came with your homeless clothes on in Ferrari. 

DJT776 says:

Da hell? That’s just wrong!

Randy tecate says:

Your videos are going down hill

69op2gg1005ify0m says:

the problem is not because their homeless or dont have alot of money…its
the fcking stink!

ramu pal says:

Josh you also do not treat them equally Because you had RICH guy as your
THUMBNAIL ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Mark Weslow says:

Fuck that, if I spend millions on my restaurant to make it look like
luxury, your ass better look luxury if you want to eat here. I’m all about
letting people eat and feeding people, even if you’re homeless, but bitch
you better improvise your wardrobe, better stick up a Goodwill store for a
suit. You’re not gonna have the property value of my business drop to
negative 9 million. I don’t give a fuck about discrimination, I’ve got a
family to feed and a business to run. This is private property, so if
you’re not willing to do your due-diligence to eat here, go to McDonalds,
they have food as well.

MDabdoubGaming says:

And now the worker gonna get fired because of you . if your’e homeless go
eat in restaurant for fucking homeless ! 

anwi says:

So would you spend tons of money for an evening with your perfectly dressed
girlfriend in a top notch restaurant sitting next to smelly dirty homeless

Egor KRAVTSOV says:

Походу это ЦОЙ

RoyalCaoCao says:

Sick ride. But I wouldn’t call it a “prank”, more of a social experiment.

TamponMuncher69 says:

Why would a restaurant want to serve a homeless looking guy that smells.
That’s bad for business because it would lose costumers because nobody
wants to sit next to a smelly homeless guy when they’re eating lunch or

Freek Mol says:

It doesn’t mean they don’t like homeless people, their other customers just
don’t like it.

Xiongming Pan says:

he should show up a big money when he said i have some money.

Azor Ahai says:

dum video , dumb plot – mericans kids watcht this – paler got 20 .000$ per
month for this trash ;)

Shawn Lee says:

JoshPalerLin, You got my respect! Everyone should be treated Equally!
ThumbsUp for ya (Y) Great Work.

ryanhamill says:

restaurants have the right to refuse service to anyone. it’s private

johnnyboi9450 says:

I automatically subscribed once I saw this video on Worldstar. this guy is

666ofdoom says:

Lol how can you enjoy your food when someone stink 

error404 says:


Beyonder555 says:

Even fast food restaurants will kick homeless people out.. Many of them
smell and will use their restrooms as a shower.. I know.. I used to be
the one who had to clean up after them

Torstein Strømseng says:

This is a experience but Great video

marcus cheah says:

if everybody should be equal, you shouldnt be driving a ferrari.
what a brainless being, a waste of earth space to have you.

Peter Kim says:

Who the fuck would let a person covered in dirt in their restraunt. The

Shogun Okinawa says:

Awesome video

funny8us2 says:

Is that a porsh 918 *i don’t think I spelled the car name right*

kevinjml says:

you just made that waiter jobless

Rakan A.M says:

Of course they well not let you in because you smell and shit and ppl don’t
like it, like would you go to a job interview like that, would you go to a
party or a date like that, be realistic it is what it is

Tin Sy says:


Shivneet Sumeet Chand says:

Good to see you back dude. I checked your channel many times for a new


homeless people are sometimes veterans and people who have disabilities and
I’m rich too just watch people reject another human being who looked dirty
made me sick

nina b says:

serves them right

Mohammed Ali says:

the guy looks like pegan min

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