How To Hack Binary Options and make $647 a Day

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Links: SEC PDF: OK guys… get the 100% REAL truth…

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Becoming Godsize says:

I made $717277281828182 in 4 minutes because of this video Thanks kinghuman

Autonerf says:

For the best chance of winning with binary options, wait until the
beginning of a new hour to see which way the price starts. Once you see the
direction, go with the price on a 5 minute trade. Doing this you will have
to win most of the time since you will know the direction of the new hour.
Just don’t trade when price movement is small and choppy. Wait for the
big candles so you will win by a lot. It makes it harder for the websites
to fudge the numbers. This is one trick I learned over 2 years of trading.

Josh white says:

it’s illegal to solicit binary options to us clients don’t forget that

phillyflash43 says:

You’re more likely to have a Nigerian prince share his millions with you
than make a dime trading binaries

akash savaliya says:

I trust u king human but there are some good companies like
they are good,, a question is when i checked them today and the website is
down and
now i also think the same as u so..

when it is proved to be right and trustworthy please make a video about IT


vinducas says:

So let me see if I’m correct… The title isn’t real, but rather a warning
for people that would be intrigued to know how to do that. And Binary
option is a crap shoot (which I already knew) and if you are going to do
binary options, to research and do your due diligence? But I wouldn’t
recommend doing binary options either.

KingHuman says:

Just be 100% sure about this stuff before you get fleeced.

Jason Drummond says:

King human your opinions and education is so valuable to people! I commend
you for what you continue to do(educate)
I’m a proud elite member! 

bill mill says:

Binary Options rigged just like slot machines..

TheFounderUtopia says:

If it DID work, the King would be doing it already!

jerome caplan says:

Dont you make money as a youtube partner if enough people watch this video?

10jconway says:

Are you really telling us to hack binary options?

DimebagVision says:

Here’s the thing about binary options:
The ’60 second’ crap and ‘push-button’ software is equivalent to the
‘push-button’ website builders and ‘make money now with automated list
builders’ that is commonly seen in the affiliate marketing world. Hence,
the gimmicky binary option ‘quick-fix’ are nothing more than marketing
schemes that aim for people who don’t know anything.

Binary options DOES work provided that you know how to read a chart, have
indicators that you’re comfortable using, and know how to identify proper
setups. Its a much more strict form of FOREX trading with horrible
risk/reward. Also, that SEC warning has been around for the longest time.
I’m surprised you never put it in your Franco videos.

Since that SEC warning is for offshore platforms, I would heavily recommend
NADEX for American traders. Its an exchange, not a platform, so its a much
better place to trade if you ain’t got the chops to trade real FOREX or
stocks and options.

ayanleacademy says:

KH…. Love the show, and yes you are right those fuckers are thieves! Can
you please tell me the brand ( or the company ) who made the sun glasses
you are wearing? and where I can get it? I really need to buy that
glasses!!!! I appreciate for taking the time for reading this, and would
even be more happier if you would respond. Thanks King Human…. Thanks in

FastPips says:

They are hard to make profits with. I stick to my forex trading for now,
which is also difficult, but more realistic. Thanks for the video.

MarkSKristensen says:

lol when I read the title I was thinking have KingHuman finally gone mad?!
nobody is gonna believe that..
watches the video, and my mind is blown, how are people so stupid to fall
for this shit.


king human Lell me, Is forex is scame ?

Thomas Downer says:

hope all is well with you KH! Maaximum respect

Just dropping a hello note :)

Kresna Nowzadick says:

I’ve lost 400 USD in Binary Options :(

leval1234 says:

kinghuman check out NADEX its legit n the usa

Thomas Downer says:

+KingHuman I miss being an elite. I have made much progress, thanks to
you, I have made my first 2 sales. Do you have any training on testing and
tweaking efficiently/ effectively?

Wayne Elson says:

I trade on the forex market for just over a year I hsve lost money when I
started but now I understand it more and not se eager to get in a trade and
I can say I am now up as from friday the 13th of march £10, 807 . I do not
trade full time only when I get home from work regards wayne

jeffpierrealix roseme says:

Couldn’t agree more, a buddy of mine fell for it despite me warning him it
was a just bs 

Andreas Patinas says:

Does this work

David E says:

Respect KH!

D4rkn1te says:

Arrogant Bastard Ale?

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