How To Make a Drug Dealer Quit – Ownage Pranks

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Subscribe to catch my future videos! I called a drug dealer as Tyrone and told him I wanted a percentage of his sales for ‘selling on my turf’. This is an extremely wild…

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Ownage Pranks says:

Do you guys wanna see more risky pranks like this?! Lemme know by hittin
the like button on this video! Hope y’all are having an awesome Sunday :)

Felix Liang says:

You can seriously be a great fucking undercover cop.

usudu123 says:

Face reveal at 3M ? If not, why not like a new character or something? 

AsKaGangsta says:

people keep saying I sound like Tyrone.. wtf 

Matthew Stebelsky says:

Why is he not in jail????

JJ McLean says:

3:05 haha nigga remembers hes a drug dealer so he cant go to the police

Prank Files says:

He’s very protective of his girlfriend! She must be bringing the money

100,000 Subscribers With No Videos?! says:

At 32K
Aiming for 35K by the end of the weekend, please help me!

Kokkie Monster 69 says:

What begins with the letter “f” and ends in “uck”????

That’s right firetruck :3

Sophie Ritch says:


Aliameen Ayoola says:

My mum said if I get 50 subs by tomorrow I can get a puppy! !!!! HELP ME

guy belski says:

I don’t understand all this hate, certain drugs like cocain and heroin are
actually healthy, some people think they are harmful because they are

0xirix . says:

This guy is a dumbass. Yelling back at some drug lord?! The drug lord
telling him that the only times he meets people face to face is when he
kills them, then 10 seconds later he insists on meeting face to face.

This guy’s IQ is so fucking low, and aggressive as well, that he’s lucky he
hasn’t gotten himself killed over dealing drugs.

Sir Gus the Mighty says:

No offense but these prank calls have been getting really shitty lately

Andrew McGougan says:

“I’m actually still on the toilet, right now, on standby, waiting for more
shit to flow through me…!” HAHAHA I can’t wait to see that prank next

SnowBoarderX94 says:

I love his “oh yeah” realization after threatening to go to the cops. lol

DiscordBlaze says:

“I’m going to the police department right now!”
“Make sure to tell them you’re selling drugs too, right?”
“Ooooohhh, yeah…”
That was golden :D

Sophie Ritch says:


Mr Bill Hilly says:

Typical Middle-Eastern thug, “don’t bring my girlfriend into this”, but
their gangs love to threaten to kill your sister, mother, grandmother when
you don’t want to put up with their bullshit.
Good prank Ownage, you made this raghead shit his pants, this raghead is a
gutless fuck just like the rest of his race who need their gangs & cousins
to fight their battles.
“Don’t threaten me” but I’m sure he likes to threaten people who tell him
to fuck off.
Race of hypocrites the Arabs are.

saminator306 says:

I swear i will like this comment


XboxAddictionz says:


Ownage Pranks says:
Vik Rana says:

Usually when I meet up it’s to kill people lmao 

Marcos Amparo says:

I used to sell drugs when I was 13. By the age of 15 I was making 400
dollars a month, then by age of 20 I was making 700 dollars a month.
Someone told me that if I worked in Mcdonalds then I could make more, so I
quit and now I’m 24 and I make 3,000 dollars a month, but to be honest I
miss selling them and making 700 a month :(

Vodahmin Ronaan says:

Middle Eastern = Terrorist

Yasser Elfeky says:

Why did he say “habibi”

xplodax says:

Great prank, Ownage, but… isn’t that guy screwed either way? I know he’s
relieved that this is a prank, but now all this info about where he lives,
where his girl works at, what street he frequents has been publicized,
people are going to put 2 and 2 together :o

Franc Lim says:

hey russel i was the 1 who unlike your vid

MKTIllg says:

“Make sure you let ‘em know you’re pushin’ product, I’m sure that’s gonna
really help your case.” “Oh, yeah…”
“Hot ‘n’ Ready Pizza? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You getcho ass buttfucked, das what happens.” “Oh, yeah…”

This guy doesn’t really think things through very well. xD

And you best never fuck Tyrone’s bitch, or move in on his turf, lest he
fuck YOUR bitch…!

Spartan Abell says:

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Maria Vergine says:

Man, you shouldn’t mess with drug dealers, the calls can be intercepted and
this isn’t fair, you are ruining their work for a god damn joke. I’m not
saying he’s doing a good thing selling drugs but come one don’t bother him

Princess Rainbow Dash says:

This prank felt a little too mean or too scary I prefer it when its not
such a scare prank :((

GuyWhoStillHasGonorrhea says:

I hate all the trolls and/or ignorant little punks that just hate on middle
eastern people. Like most of them are just innocent people but they just
think all of them are terrorists or are a burden to this country. Do you
know why this country was founded? It was to give equal rights to all. So
how are you gonna judge someone as evil for being a certain race? God,
where is this world going?

ExquizardTruth says:

that guy didn’t give ten crap about you knowing anything about him or what
he does, or even threatening him, but seemed to care about his girlfriend

Jsmith12292 says:

I like when the drug dealer is like “ooooh yeah” ROFL

Ioane Kordzadze says:

please do new russian voice, it will be awesome :D

joe smith says:

The best part was when he said Oh yea, like he was thinking “I forgot about

CheckAlakaDingDong says:

wait! he was actually a drug dealer?

Ahmed Nabil says:

smiley.. the most cliche name for a dealer, ever.

Sameena Arr says:

*reminds him he sells drugs*
“Ohhhhh yeah”

SuperEquinoks says:

Stay out of my territory. 

Patrick Yang says:

shouldnt the cops arrest him for dealing dope?

Dr Reptile says:

“Hey Niko! Let’s go bowling!”

maryyjanee247 says:

Lmfaoooooooooooo that was awsome he was scared shitless

bullshark says:

LOL oh yeahhh im selling drugs, i cant talk to the cops

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ZomBeats says:

Heisenberg approves.

Jumpton says:

Damn son how do you know all this info?

Isip Allan says:

Hey man, I love your videos, they’re so freakin’ funny! XD Can I snatch up
a request? 8-7000 <— an eatery/restaurant in the Philippines. It’s called Jollibee and I’d like to see you prank it.

SecretButter says:

I miss the old ownage. When he went all out and didn’t apologize at the
end, ruins the trolling 

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