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The cool thing about an Indian casino is that in an Indian casino you are allowed to be under the age of 21. I used to love sneaking into Indian Casinos at age 16. In my opinion, Indian casinos really have the right business model…casinos in Vegas are completely throwing out the younger demographic, and that has to be hard for business. In California, Indian casinos roam the streets…well mostly the deserted streets, but whatever the case is, California Indian casinos are in a lot of areas that many people rarely visit. It is sad in my opinion that Indian casinos in California are in weird neighborhoods, because the Indian casinos in California really need to have more popularity. I love the NBA so lets use a basketball analogy. Vegas casinos are like the big market teams, the Lakers, the Knicks, Chicago etc…now the Indian casinos in California are like the Bobcats, or the Kings…the irony of that is that the Kings are owned by non Indian gaming casinos, but rather the Maloof brothers who own the Palms hotel. The Kings should be a bigger market, but sadly they are not. Indian gaming casinos are cool though because of the smaller feel to it, but to be honest my favorite Indian casino California is Pechanga bingo and casino. The reason why it is my favorite Indian casino in California is because I love the bingo area there…and there is nothing funnier than watching people get competitive at bingo. For more hilarious stand up comedy, please subscribe to StandUpBits! And increase your daily funny.

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