ITM and Get $200 FREE – Mike’s Binary Options Signals Group!

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I have a new offer for all of my binary options signals group members of Facebook. You can now get $200 in cash from me, each time you generate 8 ITM’s in a row!!! This offer is valid for an…

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Michael Freeman says:

Get $200 each time you ITM 8 consecutive trades on Mike’s FB Signals Group!
All members can participate.

Rohan Bais says:

feeling blessed done with all 8 itm in a row..super excited to receive
bonus..thanks Michael Freeman love you..

ALADE meta says:

great idea i love d innovation nd congrats to d ground breaker rohan for
making ppl believe its possible

Hugo Dionisi says:

great idea Mike!!

I’ll give a try =]

Lara Romano says:

Mike I am so happy to be a part of all this!! Today I made 10-2 thank’s to
the signals posted in your group!! I have been struglling for so long that
I still can’t believe it! I am a mother of 3 and this is a big Chance for
me and my family to definitively reach big goals !!
Thank you so Much MIchael Freeman , all the admins and also the new talents
that are posting signals in your group! GUYS YOU ROCK!! <3 

Valerie Martin says:

Do we still have to donate to charity in order to start receiving signals
or can we just go by the signals sent from Facebook? Either way, I will
still donate once I start making money!! Just want to clear things up.
Thanks again!

Lukasz Adams says:

When i today trade my strategy i got 6win and 1 lose.But this is today who
knows what will be tomorow. BTW 8win in a row?! Hard to make in my opionion
but if you say this is to do it i try.

Stefan Beier says:

Mike, what can i say: This is just awesome! What an amazing incentive…
BTW: I’m in this group for a couple of days and guys, i can tell you, this
community is so damn supportive like a huge family! It’s a honor to be a
part of it and learn from the best!

Pamela Arsena says:

I love the idea of this Facebook group and the competition. This is such a
motivational tool to really light a fire under people. This is helping so
many people succeed.

Danny Kanselaar says:

Michael Freeman, Thank you so much for everything you’re doing. You’re the
greatest and I couldn’t be happier to have found you. Keep it up my friend!

Phil Jack says:

I would love too but for some reason, I’m not in the group. :( 

nihas babu ps says:

Hi mike,
I was a membr of ur autotrader, that time i had requestd for signls as
well. Will i also get access to ur fb grp. If possible pls add me add me as

Roger Silvia says:

Great motivation Mike, you really rocks!! How are we going to let you know
if for example we made 8 ITM in a row trades? Will you need a screen shot?

Tracy Melville says:

Very caring group. Mikes word is as good as gold. All admins do wonders. If
your tired of constantly losing this is the group to join. Thank you
Michael God Bless

Constance Nkomo says:

Never seen an amazing group like this, we are given winning signals for
free, ITM everyday, the admins and the members are awesome and very kind,
I’m telling you guys this is a WINNING GROUP, thank you all and keep on
doing great job.

Dustin Martin says:

Mike I signed up for cherry trade through your link and I emailed you and
you asked me to send an email with my deposit proof or something but I
never received an email about my deposit from them. I want to join the
Facebook signals group though, what do I do?

HaveUSeenIt1 says:

Excellent incentive Michael :) , love this group..cheers, Graham 

james thomes says:

Which binary options broker has the lowest minimum Mike? I plan to join
your group soon.

Daniel Parlegreco says:

Thats an awesome idea! Worst case scenario we will at least get a lot
better and learn a lot as we strive to improve our ability to check
signals. Nice to know others have been able to successfully do it, and it
is certainly attainable. Mike I have found your prizes, tips and trades to
be right on the money. Keep delivering us this great information. You
certainly have my ear! 

Prasad Kelkar says:

Mike I cannot thank you enough. This was my best of the decision to become
a member of your Facebook group. I am really happy with the clarity and
dedication you bring to this group. Thanks a gold,EUR,USD,CAD,AUD,NZD :)

Pram Phon says:

If this don’t motivate anyone to participate I don’t know what will lol

damanpreet singh says:

Michael you are such a generous guy. I just wanted to say thanks for
creating such an amazing group, for now I will just follow you guys because
you are the real pros but hopefully in the future I will be in the position
to win this challenge. :)

Mohammed Alqanbar says:

This Group is really amazing, I was keeping lost my money but this group
let me get back my money and make more profit, thanks to Mike for creating
this group and let us all enjoy trading with amazing community

Donna Mayo says:

This is a great initiative, Mike. Keep the great ideas and ITMs coming…

Titus Ikumoinein says:

Mike’s Binary Options Signals Group! If you aint here with the family then
u aint ITMing…. Join us now! Tnx Mike…

Ricardo Teixeira says:

Amazing iniciative. You are a selfless Entrepreneur Michael Freeman and i
love to be part of this group. Thanks

Majikal Dean says:

Excellent signals…on average +80% ITM for me.
Nice one Michael, your FB page rocks !!

grzesieks45 says:

Hey Michael! I’ve been in your manual (emails) group for some time. Add me
into the facebook one please. My email: Thanks!

Glynn U says:

This is for REAL! An amazing Binary Options family.
Keep up the great work and winning signals.

23sikki says:

Great idea! This group is going stronger every day! Feeling blessed to be a
part of it :)

Andrew jone says:

I can do it Michael!! I am joining you guys tomorrow morning. I was going
to register with Topoption anyway. I will do it via your group. I tested a
new strategy and if you will allow me to show it to your group, I’ll win
this challenge and your traders will benefit from it! Great ideas for the
binary options community, Mike you are a king!

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