Jackpot or NOTHING! Gambling Everything for the Jackpot.

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Saly Black says:

I’m pleased it ended in profit for you ,
I went to my local casino , with £200 at 1am earily Saturday Morning ,
stayed-all night , then I asked the time , they said it was 7.40 in the
Morning , with 7inches of snow ( hate-the stuff) so I stayed , all day
Sunday , LuLu
the Boss said because of the weather , they will close at 4.30 , not the
usual 8.5 on a Sunday ,
When I got home I had £1,670.00 plus I gave the taxi man £15 for taking to
my door , down a off the road bad lane .
I played mega bars , slots of gold , mighty black knight , Rainbow pots of
gold . Wild 7s , all them on , of , on of , all that time over 15 hours ,
and I loved it .
All because I hated the snow , did not won’t to travel in it , until I had
to .
Thanks SNOW I stayed n played and won and pie gambled , and had a great
time .
When the snow goes I’ll Bank all of it .
Then I won’t play them till new year . :-)

MrSimondee1 says:

Nice one there daz. Not a lot of profit but at least it didn’t rip you for
more. Nice vid. More to come?


100% random??? The computer says no!!

Stop and Step says:

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Andrew Bates says:

Boring slot for me mate sorry

Luke Battams says:

Loving the channel mate and keep up with the good work

storm3698 says:

Very close to losing the money but pleased you got there at the eleventh
hour. Good video. I wouldn’t have the balls to gamble that much

Slots&Sneaks says:

Lost 1200 online earlier Darren gone in 5min horrible horrible online pal
bet you’re glad you’ve stopped online

Paul Bristow says:

Good come back mate but it’s a bloody piss take you had to put all that
money in to win jackpot


Skin of yer balls that one.

Dire Smurfy says:

Imagine if it lost on that 2x press lmfao nice video mate

it's Kacie! sister says:

Did you used to play the 25 pounder and 15 pounders back in the day ?? Used
to travel the country doing slots making a tidy number with no job ..

Dennis Smith says:

MASSIVE respect from me for doing this video Darren….
Pleased you “Got out of jail”

Darren have you tried “Buying money” on the football by backing short price
I am not naming any companies but last night I found odds of 3/10 ON for
Manchester City just to win the game against Swansea… (Only got this
price because Manchester City were playing away)
I put £300 on just to make £90 profit…. But it was better than money in
the bank…

The key is do NOT be tempted by stupid “Accers” or first goal score etc
etc… They LOVE you betting on these.

Just go for the team to win the game and SINGLES… NO accumulators!

If you had backed Manchester City to win there game at the start of the
season ..You would now have collected 16 times out of 17 games.

EDIT… Avoid Arsenal and Liverpool … They are just not consistent enough
to bet on.

DOUBLE EDIT… Manchester United at home are always a good single to bet on
as well… Last night they were 1/4 ON… But it also would have won you
some money.

remember… SINGLES and no silly doubles or accers….

Once again Darren..Thank you for this video

Darren Tooth says:

Great vid bud love ye ole times ten

soSAMuk's UK slot channel says:

At least you got it.

nails6365 says:

Any chance of you dropping a pot on the bingo RR ??

topopops says:

Once got 2 7’s and 2 wilds at 50p think it was like £200

NoseLikeIbra says:

Really want you to try Rainbow Rewards such a good slot easy to get free
spins too on £2 stake

Paul Johnson says:

You got VERY lucky there! The sigh of relief when you got it said it all
really! Worth it? The jury’s out.

TJFF ITs says:

Great result – thanks for posting…

Racheal Parkinson says:

Great vid,nice win, that was close .

Lee Coleman says:

Profit is profit rather be £100 up than £400 down do some on line mate I
know you said you can’t do streaming at the moment because of family but
can’t you just record on line then post on here?

Tom english says:

GIZ A SHOUT DAZ khazikstan Tom watch all ur vids cheers mate!

Tammie Baker says:

Well done stop and step, you stuck with it and it payed. Didn’t think it
would though.

M Bee says:

*95%* of 0 is 0
Just a reminder for all you RTP believers

rob dubz says:

100% fixed more like

keiron871 says:

Always nice and quiet there. No chavs shouting in the background unlike the

david flores says:

Can i get a shout out ? always watch your videos and a long play on thai
flower is over due ;)

David C says:

Can you try some of the new 500 pound machines?

Carl says:

£400 gamble to win £100 – too risky

MegaKingoftheswing says:

Be good to see that again but on the £100 jackpot blueprints
Good video anyhow and great result in the end

greenscorpio1967 says:

how can you believe what it says regarding percentage pay out, when the
same machine states its totally random

alieninatincan says:

good video

Trojan Knucklez says:

Boring slot but you got it in the end and you was up..lucky tho lol can you
possibly play barking mad..

beau davies says:

Nice one, I thought it was going to take it all

I SUCK AT GAMES Skipper toungtastic says:

That jackpot or nothing sound scared me :D

Fendi Pk says:

Key bet roulette please.

Ross Findlay says:

Merry Christmas and have a great newyear when it comes. Thanks for all the

kieron proctor says:

i think trying for the highest variance gamble first is slightly less
exciting than it would be if you went lower variance first. just my
opinion. decent tho!

ian69u says:

Good result, will you be streaming again anytime soon?

Terry Dempsey says:

Do the £100 jackpot machines and see how many u can win.

Phil bugs says:

Love these videos ….. don’t stop till ya drop the pot .., would have been
a better video on a more interesting slot , the actual game play is pretty

Colin Madden says:

Lucky you had enough to chase it good luck pal

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